3rd ICAD Conference 2023 holds in New York, U.S.

The International convention of Africans in Diaspora (ICAD) has held the last of its inaugural U.S. ICAD conference 2023, in New York on 19th August, 2023 after its two previously decorated events — Chicago ICAD Conference from 28th – 29th July, and Maryland ICAD Conference from 4th – 5th August, 2023.

The ICAD New York Conference was held at 650 Remsen Avenue, Brooklyn 11236 NY, under the general theme: “The Truth Need to be Told”.  The purpose of the conference was to attract both diasporans and Africans to boost tourism and relationship development between Africa and the diaspora. 

According to ICAD, the conferences seeks to unite Africans and African-Americans in the diaspora for the purpose of advancing their Motherland, Africa, and to encourage their considering Africa to be home. 

The conference started with a “praise and worship” section by Ms. Chaplain Felicia Marie – Oni, and “words of blessings” by- Dr. Danny Joseph of Prophet Bernard Ministry, Jamaica. His message encouraged a life of faith and trust in God, “to live a life of love for one another and righteousness to seek for God in all our dealings”. 

The New York event topped the other conferences in terms of participation and influence. ICAD’s president, Bishop Dr. Charles Abban, was honoured with a special award “The Global Leadership Award and the Medal of Honor” presented by Global Peace Ambassador, Dr. Hugues Sanor, Special Envoy of International Relations to the United Nations for the Council for Justice, Equality and Peace (COJEP).

In his keynote speech, Dr. Abban said that “ICAD is God’s assignment, bringing all to be part”, especially the African diaspora. According to him, the assignment can be compared to when “Abraham was asked to leave his father’s house to the promise land, or when Moses was asked to bring the children of Israel to the promise Land, or like when Apostle Paul was asked to go to the gentile”.  His message was simple — reconciling the diaspora with the motherland.

Other featured speakers at the conference included:

1. Amb. Dr. Arit Fuller-Harris, President and Philanthropist- Arit Fuller Foundation. 

2. Hon. Malcolm McDonald, Director, Constituent Services, Community Affairs Unit, Office of the Mayor, New York.

3. Her Royal Majesty Queen Mother Dr. Dowoti Desir of the Royal palace of the African Diaspora overseas and Representative of the Council of kings of Benin. She also worked as a Cultural Enterprise Specialist for the United Nations International Labor Office, Geneva Facilitating development and implementation of the National Cultural Policy.

4. Mrs. Joyce Larnyoh, Country Director, International Child Development Program. She presented “The Marginalized Girls Empowerment Program in Ghana” at the event. 

Special recognitions were given to ICAD’s special guests: Nana Abrofohemaa I, and Chief Apostle Dr. Kim Best. 

Other award recipients included: Amb. Dr. Arit Fuller-Haris; Bishop Marvin Harding, Grace Deliverance Tabernacle, Brooklyn New York; Her Royal Majesty Queen Mother Dr. Dowoti Desir; and Bishop Dr. Alexander Adu Gyamfi, General Overseer, Bible Believers Tabernacle, Bronx NY.

Among the highlights, a special award was presented to Loo Bernardi by Amb. Dr. Hugues Sanor, COJEP. Loo Bernardi is Mariners New York Baseball Hall of Famer and also Pitching Coach/ Recruiting Coordinator of the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) Baseball.

The electronic book version of the anticipated book “Gyenaye – The Truth Need to be Told” by Bishop Dr. Charles Abban was launched at the event. The Guest of honour for the launch was Kuoro Barecheh Nlowie Baninye II, Niator Divisional Chief and Permanent Vice President of the Zini Buwa Traditional Council, Dengeng Palace, Niator, Ghana.

The final ICAD 2023 conference will be held in Accra, Ghana on the 9th and 10th December, 2023 “to crown it all for December-To-Remember. All are expected to be part of the great International Convention of Africans in Diaspora,” said Dr. Abban. 

Source: TheAfricanDream.net

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