Nigerian gospel jazz duo Twinsax wants your soul

Twinsax are a music duo from Nigeria who have since age 9 been striving to master their art of playing the saxophone. Known in real life as Marvelous Taye Ayodele and Innocent Kehinde Ayodele; the twins are originally from Koji state in Nigeria. Their choice of musical genre is Jazz blended with gospel emanating from their strong Christian upbringing.

The Ayodele duo tells #TheAfricanDream that “we have a heavenly established ministry to lead millions of souls into God’s presence through the sound of our saxophone. To invoke God’s presence in worship and praises, and depopulate satan’s kingdom to showcase the peculiarity of God’s authority in the best way we can as we win souls.

I have always loved Jazz thanks to my mom and through my own adventurism in my mid 20’s discovered the music of the great Nigerian legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti who pioneered the spread of Afrobeat. Since then I have always endeavored to discover more about Nigerian jazz artistes and one of my personal favorites now is OluJazz Alabi.

Then in mid-2015 Twinsax found a space in my head with their youthful and nurturing style of jazz music fueled by their growing mastery of the saxophone. Their breakout song Kilolese, meaning ‘What Can You Not Do Oh God’ featuring fellow Nigerian vocalist Prospa Ochimana was produced by Sampro, hearing it made me pay extra attention to this jazz duo.

Kilolese by Twinsax has been described by the older twin; Marvelous Taye, as “that kind of music that gives off a cool tempo and puts you in a relaxation zone where you are encouraged to meditate on the goodness of God in your life”. The song also happens to be their first single and was released on October 4, 2015: their birthday.

Their debut single in their opinion is a divine orchestration of the holy spirit. They say the comments and testimonies they have received from fans across Africa and the world who have supported it has left them greatly humbled and encouraged to press on with their quest to spread the word about the Kingdom of God.

According to the younger twin Innocent Kehinde, “hitting the roof in the world of music today has become much easier in Nigeria because one does not necessarily need to belong to a record label to create awareness thanks to the power of social media. However, one really needs the very right kinds of networks backed by a strong passion for good music and put in relentless efforts to discover their big break.

the Twinsax; musicians and saxophonists
the Twinsax; musicians and saxophonists

They both say “we have always had the ability to captivate our audience and we believe we get a lot of our energy from them. Our fans will continue to remain the reason we do this because this is what God put us here on this earth for. We don’t want fame just for the mere reason of being famous, all we want is to simply win souls for God. That alone will be great achievement for us.

Listening to the brothers speak greatly evokes their raw passion, which is why I was not surprised by their answer when I asked them what they would have been doing if they weren’t playing the saxophone or doing gospel music — “Preaching the Gospel of Christ through Singing” was their response — so yes, these young men know exactly who they are right from their primordial existence.

For now though, the Ayodele brothers are riding on all the support and attention they are getting from friends, fans and players in the Nigerian music and media industries. Their hope is to obtain the needed sponsorship to finance their desire to participate in more events across African and eventually the world. The wait has been long but “we have always believed that when God is involved, then all will soon be resolved”.

If you love gospel music brewed in an African pot and served on a jazz platter, then #TheAfricanDream invites you to check out the newest video of Twinsax below and directly connect with them as @twinsax1 on twitter too.

Source: Oral Ofori


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