Sesi Technologies of Ghana Advances to 2019 GIST Tech-I Semifinals

Sesi Technologies

Entrepreneur Isaac Sesi and his Sesi Technologies, a Kumasi-based startup from Ghana are in the semifinals of the GIST Tech-I (Global Innovation through Science and Technology) competition for science and technology entrepreneurs and innovators. Isaac advanced to this stage with Sesi Technologies’ FarmSense project. Sesi Technologies reached the semifinals out of over 500 other competitors from emerging economies who had …

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Nigerian-American Artist Ibra Ake Wins Grammy for ‘This is America’

The visual artist won a “Best Music Video” Grammy for producing Childish Gambino’s viral video. Nigerian-American Artist Ibra Ake We were “rooting for everybody African” last night at the 61st Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, and this year we have multiple artists to celebrate. Aside from the Soweto Gospel Choir picking up their third Grammy for “Best World Music Album“ during last night’s …

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Nigeria’s 2019 Elections – What You Need To Know

As Africa’s most populous nation and leading producer of oil gears up for their elections on February 16, observers would be keen to see if Nigerians would retain President Buhari for his second and final term or return to the party which ruled the country for 16 years until Buhari’s presidency. The president is elected using a simple majority of …

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Ghana’s Year of Return and 2019 Black History Month

Year of Return

Given its history and commitment to the unification of African peoples throughout the world, it’s not surprising that the government of Ghana is sponsoring an unprecedented “Year of Return” in 2019, during which people of African descent in North America are invited to visit Ghana. Described as an event to celebrate the resilience of African people and to mark the …

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6 Black History Month worthy reads

Black History Month

As the world changes, so does the publishing industry. There was a time not too long ago when the annual glut of books targeting Black History Month seemed like the only time of year the industry released and promoted new books by black authors or books about black life. That no longer appears to be the case. Anecdotally speaking, based …

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Omolara Adesanya — the woman who believes she can change Lagos State

Omolara Adesanya is the eldest sister of the famed late Nigerian Pastor Bimbo Odukoyaan and an indigene of Lagos State. Born on June 23, 1957, Omolara feels she has the ideas and energy to change Lagos State as its Governor. She worked 35 years straight with the Central Bank of Nigeria, coming in immediately after doing her national serving with …

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Rocky Dawuni Single “Beats of Zion” Aims to Re-energize Love and Hope

Beats Of Zion

The unspoken guarantee with any Rocky Dawuni song is that it will take you higher, that it will move your heart and body in equal measure. New single “Beats of Zion“, from Dawuni’s upcoming album of the same name, is no exception, delivering fast rhythms and warm harmonies. Influenced by sounds from across the African diaspora – everywhere from Dawuni’s native Ghana …

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Why is Jack Ma of Alibaba so interested in Rwanda and Africa?

Jack Ma

BEIJING/KIGALI – The beginning of 2019 has seen exchanges between the Rwandan government and China’s Alibaba Group (co-founded by Jack Ma), as the two sides discussed agro-products exports in Rwanda and a dozen Rwandan officials visited Alibaba’s headquarters in China. These came after Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma’s first visit to Africa in 2017 and later visits in 2018, which received huge …

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Ayeesha Tsotsoo Antiaye boosts confidence at Diva Forever Beauty Spa

Ayeesha Tsotsoo Antiaye has been fascinated since childhood with everything that comes together to make a woman look beautiful, with emphasis on the looks and appearance of women. This fascination is what drove her to establish Diva Forever Beauty Spa. According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Diva Forever Beauty Spa, Ayeesha Tsotsoo Antique who is a trained cosmetologist, …

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Passports of Power in Africa and their 2019 global ranks


Passports come with their own level of prestige and whenever you present your passport to immigration officers, you get a certain look – the type of passport you present determines the look you receive sometimes. African passports file photo It doesn’t seem right to be judged by the cover of your passport or to be labelled a terrorist/fraudster because of …

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