2nd ICAD Conference 2023 holds in Maryland, U.S.

The International Convention of Africans in Diaspora (ICAD) hosted its second inaugural conference in Maryland, U.S. The second event was a 2-day conference from August 4 – 5 that happened at 1000 Aerospace Drive at Lanham in Maryland, United States (US). ICAD hosted its first conference in Chicago July 28, 2023. 

The conference attracted both diasporans and Africans to give boost to tourism and relationship development between Africa and the diaspora. According to ICAD, the conferences seeks to unite Africans and African-Americans in the diaspora for the purpose of advancing their Motherland, Africa, and to encourage their considering Africa to be home. 

A similar conference this year is to follow in New York on August 19, with a concluding 2-day event in Accra, Ghana between December 9 & 10. The general theme for the inaugural conference is “The Truth Needs to be Told”. 

The conference is organized by the International Clergy Association with TheAfricanDream.net as a media partner. Also partnering is Mrs. Joyce Larnyoh, Ghana Director for International Child Development Program (ICDP); Little Rock City Estates, and Law Office of Addison Darden plc.

The August 4 conference in Maryland U.S., opened with a ‘Goodwill Message’ from Hon. Wala Blegay Esq., Council Vice Chair, Council Member, District 6 of Prince George’s County Council in Maryland. A welcome address was given by Bishop Dr. Charles Abban, founder/president of ICAD, on the organisation’s objectives, vision and mission. 

Bishop E.O Ansah from the United Kingdom was the conference’s guest Speaker. In his speech, he reiterated the importance of ICAD’s campaign and need to support the organisation’s projects that will better foster the relationship between Africa and the diaspora. The guest of honour, Dr. Opoku Mensah, Director, Ghana National Cathedral discussed where the Diaspora fits in ICAD’s course and it’s importance.

The conference presented awards to deserving diasporans like Bishop Dr. Evans Glover, Dr. Kwabena Sarpong, Dr. Agorom Dike, Archbishop Gracia L .Jackson, and King Mwamba Solomon Wa Ngoy, who have represented Africa positively in the diaspora over the years.

The electronic version of the book “Gyinaye – The Survivor on the Bridge of the Atlantic” was launched by Mrs Evelyn Olivia Darden, Director Law Office of Addison PLC. The book according to ICAD is an important resource material on the purpose of the conference.

The 2-day conference continued on August 5 with a two-part panel discussion. The first part was moderated by Bishop Glover with a panel list that included: Dr Nana Obeng Mayaresa, Clinician of whole Food Nutrition President and CEO, Acres Agriculture; Dr. Nana Success Agyeman, medical and health practitioner; and Mrs. Larnyoh. 

The second part was moderated by Mrs. Darden with a panel list that included: Dr. Mensah who spoke about “Diaspora Connection through Faith base and the Bible as a tool of network and Unity”; Mr. Zik Stewart who spoke on “Economic Development, Affordable Housing, and Opportunities in the Motherland”; and Dr. Agorom Dike, President of Caribbean and Africans Faith Based Conference who spoke on the subject of “Connecting to Diasporas through Faith base and cultural groups in the whole Diasporas”. 

The ICAD conference is open to “African-Americans, Ghanaian-Americans, and friends of Africans on the continent, in the United States and around the world who seek to bring about the true economic, political and spiritual emancipation of Africa and Africans everywhere while admitting the faults of the continent’s past, learning from them and forging ahead positively into the future for a better world,” said Bishop Abban to TheAfricanDream.net in an interview. 

Source: TheAfricanDream.net

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