Queensway Restaurant expands as Nigerian-founder readies to excite US

Winning the first ever Jollof festival in the United States (US) capital of Washington District of Columbia (DC) was a great experience for Queensway Restaurant. Their 2017 win at the African culinary festival celebrating Africa’s most debated dish of Jollof rice brought Queensway a lot of media blitz.

Queensway Restaurant
Queensway Restaurant founder Mrs. Atinuke Ogunsalu in photo courtesy

This year the restaurant has a lot of delicious surprises for African food lovers cooking, so sit tight, lose your belts, and prepare your taste buds as we discover what’s new.

All that limelight and positive press in the DC area’s African Diaspora community and indeed in the world of jollof rice lovers beyond the US from the Jollof Festival win had to be beneficially harnessed. So, the restaurant’s management felt motivated to expand, resulting in its second restaurant at a new location in Bowie, Maryland (MD).

Queensway Restaurant satisfy the need for expansion

The spanking new property is located at 13635 Annapolis Road in Bowie, MD, 20720. But that’s not the only new thing they have cooking in their culinary pots, in a recent visit also found out they have been working with many local groups and organizations to put together a fitting 20 year anniversary to celebrate two decades of serving the DC metro area.

According to Mrs. Atinuke Ogunsalu, founder of Queensway restaurant in an interview with, “we are looking to continue to impact our community one plate at a time. Our 2018 return to Jollof Festival was a blessing that offered us a great opportunity to engage with customers again, compete and network with other local vendors,” she said.

Although Queensway did not win this year, they felt being selected to participate again as defending champions was a win in itself, “we received a lot of love, support and sales at the event this year. Lots of existing and potential customers went above and beyond to try our food and meet the team, which was such an honor,” said the restaurant’s founder.

…but is there yet more cooking, or pounding?

Well, that is not the only new thing coming, because Queensway is launching a new line of events that allow them to combine food and culture in a celebration of culinary delight. The first of such events will take place on September 23, 2018, at their Riverdale location on 5851 Riverdale Road in Riverdale Park, MD 20737.

Emmanuel Ogunsalu, a management member at Queensway told that this new adventure is called ‘The Fufu Dash‘, yes it’s not going to be jollof rice this time. Emmanuel continued to say, “‘The Fufu Dash’ will be an event where all attendees will get to eat unlimited amounts and kinds of fufu with different soups while getting a dash of African culture and dishes. Click this link to get tickets and updates.

In case you are wondering what fufu is — it is a staple food common in many countries in West Africa like Ghana, Liberia, and Nigeria, [oh and yes there is Caribbean fufu too] which is made by mixing and pounding portions of cassava and green plantain (boiled or powdered). Water is added to the mixture to create a soft smooth texture and served with groundnut soup, palm nut soup or spicy light pepper soup.

Believed to have been originated by Ashantis in an area occupied by modern-day Ghana now, fufu has spread its love all over Africa and the world. Today Queensway Restaurant believes it has a perfect place to eat this and other African food while experiencing an extraordinary and exciting dining of classic African beverages, deserts, and interaction.

The matriarch of Queensway Restaurant

Originally from Nigeria, Mrs. Atinuke Ogunsalu is a professional chef who has a passion for cooking and making delicious African styled meals, she is also an expert at cake making and pastries. Together with her restaurant crew, they have maintained a burning desire to be a Washington DC area best quick service African restaurant.

Customer service satisfaction through the provision of delicious, healthy, and high-quality meals has been their hallmark. They are also particular about bringing the world together in the power of diversity through their culinary delights. “We seek to share and merge the African culture with others through food for a better world,” Mrs. Ogunsalu said.

Yes, they also deliver and cater to events so get in touch and tell them sent you for a special discount and treat. Remember to stop by soon at ‘The Fufu Dash‘ too. Till then see what’s new with Queensway by checking out their website at and follow their social media pages on there.

Written by Oral Ofori of

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