Nutri Kitchen and Spices — prepare to be deliciously blown away

Nutri Kitchen and Spices (NKS) is a manufacturer of an all-natural and nutrient-filled variety of spices to excite your kitchen and tease your taste buds. They are now staking a claim for Africa in the culinary world of aromatic flavoring.

If you love African food and spices in general, then prepare to be delighted. If you are curious then thread gently because NKS spices are alluringly delightful — do not say I didn’t tell you. So how did I encounter NKS spices?

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Well, I was attending an event this December in Pennsylvania (USA) when I decided to take a break from shooting photographs, I ventured to the area where the food was being served to take a quick bite. I didn’t want to have a full meal and so my eyes searched all the delicious pastries but for some reason that baked chicken lower leg kept looked inviting.

Some of the products from Nutri Kitchen and Spices

Oh well, so I grabbed one, took a bite, and boom! That was when my taste buds boldly announced I was going to have to grab another piece. This was some amazingly well-spiced chicken drumsticks I thought. But before the details let me tell you the story behind NKS and how it came into being.

Birthing NKS as a spice brand

Susanna Vroom-Maxwell and Sandra Obeng Frimpong are the creators of NKS. These Ghanaian ladies can be reached via email nutrikitchenandspice@gmail.com, they told me their idea for making spices was realized when they started getting requests from clients about what kinds of spices went into the food, pastries, and meals that they make in general.

This was because friends fell in love with the great taste of their food. So to satisfy their existing and potential clients the two decided to come up with a marketable way of packaging their spices and putting them out exclusively for purchase. “We’ve had great reviews and our prayer is to get NKS on shelves in stores all over, this work has only just begun,” said Susanna to TheAfricanDream.net

Continued: my NKS yummy drumstick conversion story

Now back to those drumsticks which I ended up having two of by the way: In my mind, I was trying to figure out what the spices on it were but my tooth and tongue were too busy enjoying the delight in my mouth I just had to swallow and allow myself to enjoy the treat. As I looked around me, I realized I was not the only once captivated by the meals on this side of the table.

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Three hours later the event was over and, well, so was the food, it was all gone, ok I confess I had 3 drumsticks in total. And that was when I started my investigation — I asked myself, who could be responsible for this deliciousness. Then out of nowhere came a voice from behind me saying, “I hope you liked the chicken, I saw you taking some,” she said with a smile — it was Susanna.

Did you make it please?” Was my answer, which was also a question in a way… “Yes please, my friend and I did,” was her answer. I asked if I could find out more about what went into how their chicken was spiced. That led to a 10-minute conversation which taught me more about NKS. Don’t take my word for it, try the spices yourself, please.

Do tell NKS I sent you, and ask for their NUTRI spices for Jollof and fried rice, meat, chicken, and fish just to mention a few. They also cater for occasions like engagements, weddings, baby naming and showers plus birthdays.

Learn more about them at www.facebook.com/NUTRIKITCHENANDSPICES or visit their Instagram page at nutrikitchenandspices for more.

Written by Oral Ofori

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