Onyi Anyado on rewards and awards of leadership distinction

Onyi Anyado is an International Conference Speaker and an Entrepreneur who teaches people how to become distinguished in their chosen fields. Well, we personally do not know him but on December 18, 2015, that changed via the power of social media.

The change came about as a result of us spending that time of our day here at #TheAfricanDream looking up Twitter to see what is trending for the day. As we did that we noticed Onyi’s name in the top 20 of the trending topics and decided to click on it because it sounded Nigerian and here at #TheAfricanDream we are always curious exploring Afrocentric subjects and how they positively impact other cultures.

Having spent five more minutes to satisfy our curiosity, Oral Ofori was convinced that this individual would be worth connecting and to network with. So he reached out with this Tweet below and we were amazed by Onyi’s spontaneous response as shown below:

In that space of almost 15 minutes after the above exchange on Twitter, we had exchanged emails and connected so the following day Ofori spent another 25 minutes pursuing more materials about Onyi that left us even more impressed. We therefore thought it will be cool to share some of our findings about Onyi with you so you go discover him for yourself like we just did here at #TheAfricanDream.

Below is something Onyi shared on LinkedIn

“On the 8th of December 2015, at The Nigerian High Commission in Central London, I had the privilege to deliver, How to become a leader of distinction™ to Nigerian Students’ Society Leaders from over 25 Universities across the United Kingdom. In attendance was the Acting High Commissioner to the UK; His Excellency, Mr Simon Ogah, Minister and Consular of Education and Welfare, Mr. Prince Gbadebo Adeniyi and other distinguished Nigerian officials.

Before I delivered my talk and to my shock, I received my first award of 2015. I was bestowed with an award from the Nigerian Students’ Union UK for; ‘Exceptional leadership & commitment to the welfare & development of Nigerian students in the UK’.

Receiving the award ignited a new passion to continue to empower, equip and enlighten the ‘now’ generation of Nigerian leaders to rise and shine with the light of distinction.

I told them Nigeria is at a pivotal period in her history and for Nigeria to truly rise, it is critical, vital and necessary for them to write, work and continually win with a 10 year vision, minimum. For many, they have never heard teaching like this before this so I proceeded to show them how 1. their vision is connected to their gifts, talents and passion. 2. Many of the entrepreneurs and leaders we regard, recognize and respect have a 10 year vision, minimum. 3. Here in the UK, people sign up for a 25 year mortgage but how do they know if in say 18 years time they will still be working to pay off their mortgage and 4. I’ve actually achieved a 25 year vision by writing 12 books in less than 5 years. The silence spoke wonders but for many, the impossible became possible and the shifting of their minds was so stretched, it is now not possible to go back to ‘impossible thinking’.”

Read the rest of the above LinkedIn post by Onyi here. For those of you who prefer videos, here is one of him below that we guarantee you will enjoy and be inspired by from one of his TEDx talks titled; “From Detention to Distinction”.

This man is probably one of the most approachable persons we’ve met online. If he has made it through thick and thin to where he is today then we too can, yes, even you.

We look forward to also sharing your stories as they evolve because we know there are a million more Onyi Anyados out there waiting to be a positive inspiration and example to not just Africans, but humanity as a whole.

Oh and if you liked this, please share it along, thank you for checking it out too…

Source: TheAfricanDream.net

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