Hayford Okine, Croatia-based Ghanaian is world ‘King of Balance’

Croatia-based Ghanaian performer, Hayford Okine holds multiple Guinness World Records for balancing objects. He’s known as the ‘King of Balance’ internationally, and has gained global recognition for his gravity-defying acts.

His unique ability to balance objects has not only entertained the world but has also set records. He cemented his status as a world-class performer, after defending his title in January this year with two new world records which he was duly certified for.

Okine broke a world record after covering twenty meters on a hoverboard in Croatia in January 2024. Then he defended his own balancing record after covering a record distance on another hoverboard on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, in Milan, Italy, in the same month, balancing 10 glasses on a knife held in his mouth over 30 metres (98.42 ft).

His performances has taken him across half the world. Starting his balancing talent in Ghana where he was born, he travelled to China for five years where he’s believed to have upped his talent. The King of Balance is now also known in Europe since he has been in various talent shows in Italy, Germany, France, Slovakia, Greece, Spain and other countries. 

Four years ago, he relocated to Croatia and decided to live and work there because according to him, he feels at home there, and has been living in Šibenik with his family in the last three years.

Okine’s rise to fame can be attributed to his appearances on various talent shows, including ‘Croatia Got Talent’ in 2019. At the show, he balanced drinking glasses, bottles, and trays, reaching the finals and earning the moniker, ‘King of Balance.’

However, it was his performance on ‘Bulgaria’s Got Talent’ on May 9, 2021, that truly showcased his exceptional skill. Performing in front of four judges and a large audience, he recieved a standing ovation during the show, and set his first Guinness World Record after balancing 16 steel chairs on his chin for ten seconds.

Before Okine, the record was held by a full-time British magician and juggler, Jay Rawling, after breaking the record in Britain’s Got Talent 2019. He balanced 11 chairs on his chin.

In the same year, Okine delivered an incredible juggling audition on Spain’s Got Talent, which earned him a golden buzzer. He also appeared on Greece’s Got Talent in 2022, where he showcased his balancing act during the audition. The duration of the audition was 6 minutes and 45 seconds. 

His performances blend strength, precision, and creativity to transcend simple feats of physical balance. He’s also an entertainer on the stage, and his ability to interact and inspire his audiences always leave them in awe.


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