Ghanaian-American firm TheAfricanDream animates clients’ dreams

TheAfricanDream LLC is a multi-award-winning Ghanaian-American and Pan-Africanist organization formed in the Washington DC metro area of the United States (U.S.) and founded in 2015.

As a firm, TheAfricanDream LLC was founded after Oral Ofori spent a decade working in the U.S. media space with institutions like the Voice of America. Mr. Ofori wanted to tell the true African stories and build positive bridges for Africans on and off the continent through the Diaspora.

The Consultancy, which is trademarked, has worked tirelessly to promote a positive image of Africa and Africans in the US, entities that are interested in Africa, the African Diaspora, and among/with non-Africans.

It has contributed greatly to enhancing development and cooperation between the African Diaspora and Africa from its base in the US and with its collaborators across the globe.

This is highly represented in our rebranded logo. It unravels a simple shape of the continent of Africa, like the former but featuring three prongs that gets thicker as they rise. Then a semi-thickened circle bordering around the shape of the continent. The three prongs on the new logo represent an Africa that is working at rising together as one people with a unity that gets thicker at every pace of the journey.

The semi thickened circle around the shape represents a half baked advancement that will only become a full circle when we rise together in unity. An idea boldly represented in our new catchphrase — “We Rise Together…”

Seven years of legacy

We have consulted for and with African Ambassadors and Embassies accredited to the U.S. (Washington DC) since 2015, including the Embassies of Botswana; Ghana; Benin; Georgia; and Sri Lanka. TheAfricanDream was also featured on Update-1 Podcast of the National Press Club of the United States in September 2022.

We have also worked with Events DC of the District of Columbia US, one time African Union permanent representative to the US, and the Voice of America; the Washington Diplomat newspaper; and The Afrikan Post, all respected news media outlets (in the Washington DC metro area of the US) respectively too.

From 2016-2020, the multi-award-winning firm started providing media coverage for the Embassy Chef Challenge; an annual international culinary challenge and cultural event where respective embassies in the US choose a chef to create dishes from their national cuisine to celebrate the cooking talents of Washington DC’s embassy chefs.

In 2017, we helped initiate and organize the first official ‘Jollof Festival in Washington DC’, celebrating one of West Africa’s favorite culinary delicacies with global acclaim – Jollof.

A year after in 2018, we helped coordinate and organize the first-ever forum at the Embassy of Ghana in Washington DC to advocate for the passage of the Right to Information (RTI) bill of Ghana into law.

By the last quarter of 2022, the firm had produced over 82 episodes of #TheAfricanDream — a human-interest 30-minute TV chat show broadcast on Fairfax Access Public Television – in the US that is viewed by an approximate 250k households annually and shared online via YouTube with a larger global community.

It also operates a news media subgroup, to publish inspiring African stories and news, reported in a way that uplift the continent and forge strong links with the Diaspora.

As a result of many achievements through fruitful collaborations, sponsorship, and corporations, the consultancy continues to accumulate a lot of goodwill, experience, and extensive network based on consistency and hard work with support from a great team.


Some recognitions and achievements made by our team that we cherish include our 2013 award won in the ‘Diversity Empowerment’ category as an Independent TV producer at the Alliance for Community Media Northeast Video Festival (in the New England area, US) in ‘Overall Excellence for Community TV station with a Budget of Under $100,000’.

Another was when the firm in 2020 became a ‘Top Ten D.C. Media & Film Awardee in the US for our work in community building through digital media communication.

Early in December of 2021, Mr. Ofori of TheAfricanDream became the first ever Head of Customer Relations of the Embassy of Ghana in Washington DC.

The global coronavirus pandemic and its impact continues to present TheAfricanDream with both a challenge and an opportunity – a challenge to not remain bewildered as a creative entity or frustrated by the status quo, but to rather embrace the opportunity of innovation to thrive.

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It is based on this that we publicised a special blog series the ‘Heroes of COVID-19’ ​which featured humanitarian efforts from individuals and groups during the height of COVID restrictions. The blog series lasted from April 2020 – June 2021, featuring ‘Heroes’ from Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Liberia, Malawi, the United Arab Emirates, the US, and Canada among other countries.

The initiative later became recognized by GEMEINSAM FÜR AFRIKA (GFA) — a nonprofit alliance based in Berlin, Germany that is an association of numerous aid and development organizations working for better living conditions in African countries. Nigerian-based KeMaTim Concepts who were August 2020 ‘Heroes of COVID-19’ had their story featured on GFA’s official website in the German language, read the original story as captured in English.

Client satisfaction

Over the last decade, we have assured our clients and partners the benefits of our accumulated assets of goodwill, good reputation, experience, and extensive network.

Our beneficiaries include progressive African governments and institutions as well as individuals everywhere that might want to benefit from us whether they be interested in Sports, Events, Entertainment, Diplomacy and eDiplomacy, Publicity, Nonprofit, Youth, Trade, Social Media, Education, or other preferred areas of interests.

We offer an opportunity for collaboration in the spirit of community service and Ubuntu for a win-win situation.

What some of our clients are saying

Sisi Idera, Nigerian-based Perfume Oil Dealer — “Their Customer Relations is excellent. They helped me save a lot by advising me on where to invest and how to meet budgetary expectations with efficiency and timeliness.”

Peter Clottey, U.S.-based Senior International Broadcaster — “Over the years, TheAfricanDream LLC has been a dynamic organisation that has made a positive impact on me both personally and professionally, and I’d strongly recommend them for their great services”

Alexander Anim-Mensah (Ph.D.), Chemical Engineer – Ohio, U.S. — “The service I’ve received from TheAfricanDream LLC in the past 6 years exceeded my expectations in every way. They have a thorough understanding of their pitch and have been amazing at keeping in touch with my values. I enjoy working with them and admire their respect for confidentiality.”

Bill Reynolds, UK-based Health Care Practitioner — “I once had an opportunity to review TheAfricanDream LLC’s processes and was impressed by their timely turnover and expert delivery. I think these guys have people everywhere given their excellent Consultancy network.”

Together, we can positively bridge the gap between Africa and the rest of the world by building progressive connections. Let us know how we can be of assistance and feel free to visit to discover more about what we do and how we can help positively animate your dreams…


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