Podcaster Emmanuel Gamor is ‘Unpacking Africa’ amid COVID-19 — listen

When I heard about Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor’s ‘Unpacking Africa‘ podcast I just had to crank up to a higher volume [pun intended] my expectation and anticipation for the potential genius content.

I was excited to give this new podcast a listen not because I knew the host would deliver, but mainly because I’ve had the opportunity to see Mr. Gamor give off his best from working with him on respective media projects about a decade ago.

Mr. Gamor as I affectionately call him when we first met in the Washington DC metro area made a good impression on me. I was a young intern at the Voice of America HQ and check this, he was editing one of the best selling Afrocentric newspapers in the area at the time while still a college student.

Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor, host of Unpacking Africa podcast

It’s history like that that makes great first impressions. So when I discovered my fellow Ghana native who is now based in South Africa runs a podcast there, I just didn’t need convincing that it was going to be given a great listening to by myself.

Yes I will tell you more about Unpacking Africa, but let me just put it out there and say it truly presents Mr. Gamor in his finest elements where his podcaster shine is further polished by his award-winning multimedia journalist and digital aficionado talents.

As a host, Emmanuel’s eclectic conversations with cool guests on topics from tech, arts, culture to meandering the new normal sees him asking some of the questions your curious mind as a listener might yearn for answers to.

Some guests from past episodes of Unpacking Africa include Zinhle Mkhabela, a Ph.D. student in Development Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa — commonly known as Wits University — who happens to be a THINK (Transforming Humanities Through Inter-Disciplinary Knowledge) Fellow in Johannesburg, South Africa’s capital city.

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Plastic and reconstructive surgery registrar Dr. Palesa Phalafala at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, the largest in Africa and 3rd largest in the world and Fauzia Issaka, a development professional pursuing a doctoral degree in the United Kingdom who is currently a teaching assistant in Ghana are some of his other featured guests.

Besides the women mentioned above, some past male guests on Unpacking Africa are Garikai ‘Gazah‘ Govati of Maiko Healthcare Group which invests in healthcare solutions, and Kwabena Boateng — founder and president of the African Diaspora Nation who dabbles between the host’s native Ghana, and Georgia in the United States.

These guests are just a few of the many intellectually savvy that have appeared on the podcast, all of whom Mr. Gamor has skillfully extracted great insights from and shared with his listeners in a lively way that makes listening easy on the ear and easier on the mind.

Some topics I’ve heard directed on this podcast are on subjects like industry ecosystems that are fraying in the light of the current COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Like all other episodes, the problems are not just presented, but the opportunities to fix them are too, and on this particular episode Emmanuel and his hosts share enlightening ways to come up with positive measures to address limitations while providing invaluable resources.

Let me simply say every episode of this podcast so far could be easily described as appealing to the millennial as equally as to the global citizen. But don’t take my word for it, rather I encourage you to find out for yourself and thank me later after listening to Unpacking Africa, or just thank yourself.

This podcast comes to you, directly, by letting you listen from your phone or computer via Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Spotify, and any other podcast portal that works best for you.

If you’ve read this far, then it is my prayer that you are gingered enough to want to check out my friend’s podcast. So, kindly take one final leap and visit — mind you, it’s not dot com — or follow and like the podcast’s developments with @4irAfrica_ on all social media portals.

Give it a listen, you will enjoy hearing episodes from digital remote work, entrepreneurship, and health, and education plus all that cool almost everyone one finds informative and insightful.

Invite a friend too while you’re at it, for Unpacking Africa is not a one man’s job, together we all can help Emma tell, and share the stories that make Africa shine brightly today for all humanity.

Let the listening begin for newbies, and for converts like myself, keep at it guys…

Written by Oral Ofori

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