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#TheAfricanDream, an online digital media portal has been created to mainly talk about happenings of Africa and Africans in and out of the continent and how today’s world is being positively impacted by people of African descent and connection as well as non-Africans passionate about the continent. It tries to cover as many parts of Africa and Africans and non-Africans as well who are influencing their societies in their own small ways.

#TheAfricanDream is empowering the African, wherever they may be, in a way that enables them to stand firm as Africans and become a light of positivity in their surroundings by improving upon themselves. Through our inspiration, people share their positive energy through service, donation or motivation with others around them struggling under the pressures of modern exigencies while shining the light to awaken humanity.

#TheAfricanDream is a movement in established United States in 2010 by Oral Ofori to bring attention to young Ghanaians who believe in their respective futures and the power they have to positively influence it. Since then, #TheAfricanDream has grown to expand its focus to include all Africans everywhere as they tell the story of Africans from an African perspective in a way that makes the non-African fully appreciate it. This is done through the blog:; social media outlets on Twitter, Google+ and the help of sponsors and media partners across the globe.

Some of our partners who help tell and share #TheAfricanDream include the Voice Of America radio in Washington DC where Oral Ofori was an intern in 2007 (he currently does freelance work for the VOA) and the Afrikan Post print and electronic news outlet in Woodbridge Virginia where he has been a columnist since 2014.

Other partners are WPAATV in Wallingford Connecticut where Oral Ofori served as a member of the Board of Directors and his TV show awards.

Our Track Record 
1. Social media triumph in Ghana
The Google+ page of #TheAfricanDream was nominated one of the best in Ghana by Blogging Ghana in their 2013 blogging and social media awards for social media enthusiasts.
2. Membership on Board of Directors of WPAATV, Connecticut based TV
Founder Oral Ofori served as a member of the Board of Directors of WPAATV during which he also won 2 awards with the station as producer/host of #TheAfricanDream show from 2013 to 2014.
In the spirit of knowledge sharing, #TheAfricanDream show is aired freely on Public Access Television in the USA and shared via its YouTube channel online. We, however, seek your support to ensure this strategy and increase accessibility to our audience by helping finance production and other costs.
Value proposition
Your support will enable us to cover more stories of individuals and organizations that are living, influencing or working on #TheAfricanDream and sharing such unique moments with our respective audience and the world. In return, we will present your organization with marketing and outreach opportunities. We hope your organization, as part of its Marketing agenda and/or Corporate Social Responsibility, would be interested in being affiliated with #TheAfricanDream.
This unique opportunity enables your organization to also demonstrate its support and commitment to our developmental efforts while enabling your products or services to be associated with the experience. Your online presence will be enhanced and your brand will be promoted by us too.
Opportunities for your organization
A Gold Sponsor will in 4 months receive considerable exposure and recognition with;
  1. 1: A slot for an up to 50 seconds plug for you before and after the show airs on TV.
  2. 2: A one time opportunity to be featured on the show to talk about any public service connection that, you or your institution might have.
  3. 3: The opportunity to distribute your company’s printed material to the production crew.
  4. 4: Acknowledgment as a Gold Sponsor on our Website, Facebook, Twitter pages of some of our media partners and clients.
  5. 5: Opportunity to join #TheAfricanDream on a long-term after this 3-month sponsorship expires.
  6. 6: The opportunity to use the voice and face of Oral Ofori (2 times) in an ad or PSA to promote your interests within the 3-month duration of this sponsorship.
Silver sponsorship enables 2 months PR benefits enlisted as follows;
  1. 1: Free advertising of your business with The Afrikan Post newspaper, one of our partner media sponsors.
  2. 2: A 40 seconds Acknowledgement during the opening and closing of the show on TV.
  3. 3: Distribution of corporate collaterals to our followers on Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook.
  4. 4: The opportunity to use the voice and face of Oral Ofori in an ad or PSA twice to promote your interests for the 2-month duration of this sponsorship.
  5. 5: One business profile publication on our blog and partner media outlets and clients.
A Bronze Sponsor will receive considerable exposure and recognition lasting 1 month through the following:
  1. 1: Free advertising of your business with one of our partner media sponsors either online or in print.
  2. 2: An up to 30 seconds Acknowledgement for you during the opening and closing of the show on TV.
  3. 3: Possibility or wearing the logo on our shirt during the recording of the show or at events you invite us to or you sponsor for us.
  4. 4: One news story about your outfit to be shared with our media partners online during the 1 month of this sponsorship.
If you wish to negotiate your own customized package or provide in-kind sponsorship, we can reach an agreement on that too.
Twitter: @oralofori
For further inquiries on sponsorship, please contact;
Oral Ofori
Tel: +12027069881
More info:
We are happy to provide additional information at your request.
Recent sponsors: South African Airways (USA), Sibton Communications (Ghana), (UK)

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