TV Producer/Blogger from Ghana wins award in the USA

#TheAfricanDream — a show produced and hosted by Oral Ofori for WPAATV (a public access TV in Wallingford CT, USA) along with shows of other producers from that station was collated and submitted under the name “The Reel: What we did together” to ACM-NE (Alliance for Community Media North east Video Festival) and won Overall Excellence  for Community TV station with a Budget of Under $100,000.

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The Reel included 16 clips of less than 2 minutes that told a story and demonstrated what respective producers do together to Make TV for the Wallingford community. It was submitted before the June 2, 2014 deadline of the awards event which will be held on October 9-11, 2014 in Nashua New Hampshire in the USA.

Besides the team effort 1st place win with other Connecticut based producers, #TheAfricanDream won 3rd place in the category of Diversity Empowerment in the 2013 ACM-NE Region Video Festival for the interview of Riaan Oppelt who was guest at the WPAA-TV studios for a conversation about the Legacy of the late South Africa President Nelson Mandela–Madiba in January of 2014.

Photo of award won by Oral Ofori

It was both a privilege to serve on the Board of WPAATV and to produce #TheAfricanDream show during my time there from January to June of 2014. This win is for all those who support us, especially those we don’t even know” says #TheAfricanDream’s host/producer Oral Ofori.

Check out that edition of #TheAfricanDream that captured the Bawa Story of the Cameroon Non-Profit organization and also see the other respective shows that together won the “Overall Excellence” award for Community TV station. Watch out for #TheAfricanDream in the 4minute/10seconds timeline of the video.

The ACM—NE Region includes the US States of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York.  #TheAfricanDream has relocated from Connecticut to the Washington DC area and is now collaborating with Fairfax Public Access and the AfrikanPost newspaper in the USA for more exciting shows that are coming up soon. To sponsor or be on this show email

Source: Rexford Nkansah

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