Heroes of COVID-19: Kematim Concepts Donates Pioneer Nigeria Made Automated Handwash Device in its Heroes of COVID-19 series continues to celebrate individuals and organizations who are performing their duties or contributing their effort to preserve humanity while the world fights against the novel coronavirus.

And for this month of August in 2020, our hero of COVID-19 is Kematim Concepts, a cutting-edge leader in tech design, development, and manufacturing based in Nigeria and founded by twin brothers Marvelous Taye Ayodele and Innocent Kehinde Ayodele.

The twins are pictured wearing orange as they stand by the device with Kematim Concepts colleague Paul

We were excited about the news that Kematim Concepts had manufactured an automated hand wash device set to launch in Nigeria’s bustling commercial city and capital — Abuja. As an innovative, safety and tech-savvy oriented company, Kematim Concepts decided to donate its pioneer product to the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19.

We have had various opportunities to work with the twin-founders of Kematim, especially on the event organizing and musical aspect with which they’ve been musically encouraging people through their expert playing of the saxophone. They have uplifted a lot of souls but to express a desire to donate a pioneering product of theirs for free was the ice cream on the cake, we knew we had to add them to our Heroes of COVID-19 list for sure. 

The burgeoning tech company is making this innovation a statement that they are youthful, useful, and ready to join Nigeria’s present administration under President Buhari, West Africa, and the world at large to conquer the Coronavirus pandemic.

Kematim Concepts expressed their profound gratitude to their team member Paul Timilehin, Developer and Computer Engineer, who they credited as the brainchild behind the automated hand washing device. And we at are also proud of Mr. Timilehin and the entire team for standing tall in the fight against this pandemic. You are all our heroes of COVID-19. See the device work in video below.

Team Lead and Visual Communicator of Kematim Concepts, Mr. Innocent Ayodele speaking to said: “In the quest to fight the coronavirus pandemic, as a brand, we took the privilege to design a device to help curb this virus that makes the washing of hands, a pivotal part of this fight more convenient and accessible.”

Innocent continued: “Over the past few months, there have been various inventions but Kematim Concepts decided to do something different by designing a model where people could wash their hands without touching the tap, soap case, and hand sanitizer case to avoid potential contamination and transfer of the virus.

Part of the measures WHO has put in place against the virus is proper hand-washing with either soap and water or the use of hand sanitizers or both. The handwash device goes a long way to make handwashing easier and fun to do because it is automated. It reduces the risk of getting infected because users do not have to touch it. The 2 in 1 powerful and easy-to-use disinfectant solution, therefore encouraging frequent handwashing practice. 

Kematim Concepts’ donation of one of its device to support the efforts of the PTF on COVID-19 will go a long way safeguarding the lives of Nigerians, this makes the firm and all of its associates our August 2020 heroes of COVID-19, we know how hard it is to work on creating something new but to come together to decide on giving it away for free is an act of selflessness that must be applauded.

“We are using this to show the world that we have youths in Nigeria who are innovative if they’re given the right resources and enabling environment. Africa is full of young men and women with great talents and fervor, and despite the sometimes harsh financial climate, some of us believe that sometimes it shouldn’t be all about the money — there’s much receiving in giving and we know it,” Mr. Ayodele Innocent told

We salute the gracious spirits at Kematim Concepts, and ask that you visit to learn about them!

Written by Oral Ofori

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