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As the second-largest cocoa producer globally, Ghana has become synonymous with high-quality cocoa beans, which serve as the foundation for some of the finest chocolate brands in the world. In this article, we’ll explore the top luxury chocolate brands that have emerged in Ghana, each with its unique story and commitment to crafting exquisite chocolate.

These luxury chocolate brands not only craft exceptional chocolates but also contribute to the local economy and promote the rich cultural heritage of Ghana. By supporting these brands, chocolate enthusiasts can savor the flavors of Africa while empowering local communities and celebrating the country’s cocoa legacy. Ghana’s chocolate industry is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship, sustainability, and the enduring appeal of fine chocolate.

1. Golden Tree Chocolate

Golden Tree Chocolate is a prominent and well-respected chocolate brand in Ghana, known for its rich history and commitment to producing high-quality cocoa products. Established by the Cocoa Processing Company (CPC) in Ghana, Golden Tree Chocolate has been a key player in the country’s cocoa industry for many years. The brand is celebrated for its dedication to the entire chocolate-making process, from sourcing premium cocoa beans to crafting delicious chocolate bars.

Top 7 luxury chocolate brands
Golden Tree

One of the standout products from Golden Tree Chocolate is their “Kingsbite” chocolate bar. This particular offering is cherished by both locals and international consumers for its exceptional taste and quality. Kingsbite is known for its smooth texture and rich cocoa flavor, reflecting the superior quality of Ghanaian cocoa beans.

2. Niche Chocolate

Niche Chocolate, a brand rooted in Ghana’s rich cocoa heritage, has made significant strides in the country’s burgeoning chocolate industry. Founded by Edmund Poku, Niche Chocolate represents a remarkable journey from Wall Street to the heart of Ghana’s cocoa production. The company has gained recognition for its commitment to producing premium chocolate products while prioritizing sustainability and the well-being of local cocoa farmers.

Top 7 luxury chocolate brands
Niche Chocolate

Niche Chocolate’s success can be attributed to its “bean-to-bar” approach, ensuring the highest quality cocoa beans are sourced from Ghanaian farmers. This dedication to quality is reflected in their range of exquisite chocolates, which often incorporate unique and locally inspired flavors. With a focus on both tradition and innovation, Niche Chocolate has carved a niche for itself in Ghana’s chocolate landscape, captivating the palates of chocolate enthusiasts both locally and internationally.

3. 57 Chocolate

57 Chocolate is a brand that not only produces exceptional chocolate but also pays homage to Ghana’s historical significance. Founded by two Pan-African sisters, Kimberley and Priscilla, this brand takes its name from the year 1957 when Ghana gained political independence from England. This symbolizes the country’s growing economic independence in the chocolate manufacturing industry.

Top 7 luxury chocolate brands
57 Chocolate

What sets 57 Chocolate apart is its commitment to using 100% natural ingredients, with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Their chocolate offerings are a delightful fusion of tradition and innovation, featuring local ingredients like coconut, mocha, hibiscus, and moringa leaf, in addition to the classic dark, milk, and white chocolates.

The sisters’ dedication to their Ghanaian roots is evident in their “adinkra chocolate,” which features bite-sized pieces engraved with Adinkra symbols, representing beauty, humility, strength, and resourcefulness – values deeply ingrained in Ghanaian culture.

4. Fairafrik

Fairafrik’s journey began with a vision to produce chocolate in Africa, with the aim of providing better livelihoods for Ghanaian farmers. Founded by German social entrepreneur Hendrik Reimer and Switzerland-trained Ghanaian lawyer Yayra Glover, Fairafrik has made substantial strides in the chocolate manufacturing industry.

Top 7 luxury chocolate brands
Fairafric Chocolate

Their commitment to organic cocoa and empowering local communities led to the production of Ghana’s first organic chocolate products. Today, Fairafrik is known for producing world-class chocolate, with a focus on increasing Africa’s share of the entire value chain in the chocolate industry. Their success has extended to Europe, particularly in Germany, where they produce a significant number of chocolate bars daily.

Moreover, Fairafrik’s dedication to education and empowerment is evident in their creation of Amanase, a handmade delicacy from their own chocolaterie, complete with Ghana’s first formal chocolate school.

5. Midunu Chocolates

Midunu Chocolates is more than just a chocolate brand; it’s a celebration of African ingredients and culture. Founded by Selassie Atadika in 2014, while working for the UN and traveling across 40 African countries, she recognized the pivotal role food plays in culture and community.

Top 7 luxury chocolate brands
Midunu Chocolate

Inspired by her Ghanaian roots, Atadika embarked on a journey to share the beauty of African ingredients with chocolate enthusiasts through truffles and drinking chocolate. Each truffle is named after an African woman, reflecting the essence of Africa in every bite.

Midunu Chocolates sources herbs and spices from local producers and farmers, and some are even grown in their own garden. This commitment to using locally-sourced ingredients ensures that each piece of chocolate embodies the flavors of Africa.

6. Bioko Treats

Bioko Treats is the brainchild of Jeanne Donkoh, a Barry Callebaut-trained Artisanal Chocolatier. What began as a passion for creating exceptional chocolate desserts at home eventually led to the establishment of Bioko Treats.

Top 7 luxury chocolate brands
Bioko Chocolate

The name “Bioko” is a nod to the island in Equatorial Guinea where Tetteh Quarshie, known as “The man who brought cocoa to Ghana,” first discovered the cocoa bean. Bioko Treats prides itself on producing small-batch chocolates, crafted with love from Jeanne’s cozy home in Osu.

Their range includes chocolate bars and boxes with bonbons and pralines, featuring a delightful array of flavors like ginger, coffee, rum, coconut, and caramel. Bioko’s commitment to bringing sweet delicacies to its customers is reflected in their Akɔnɔdiɛ, which means desirable and connotes sweetness.

7. Ohene Cocoa

Ohene Cocoa is a brand with a unique story – it was founded by Nana Aduna II, the first Ghanaian farmer to grow cocoa and successfully register a cocoa food product other than chocolate and cocoa powder.

Ohene Cocoa

What sets Ohene Cocoa apart is its diverse range of cocoa-based products, including cocoa nibs, cocoa crunch, chocolate bars, bonbons, and even cocoa wine made from fermented cocoa beans. This brand showcases the versatility of cocoa in various culinary delights.


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