ZenCotton Couture is where you go to style up in a custom made way

ZenCotton Couture believes that if you are a lover of fashion, you’ll agree with me that the style you wear contributes a lot to your level of confidence as you walk through the day. This is why you sure do not want to go around with a lingering thought of what someone is thinking or saying about what you are wearing.

To add that touch which resonates confidence in your style, you need this one-stop point; and Timothy Chuks Anyiwe tells that that one-stop point is ZenCotton Couture.

ZenCotton Couture CEO (left) pictured with a happy client

My firm offers a great assortment of suits and wonderful African wear styles all created to customer specifications and satisfaction,” explained CEO of ZenCotton Couture Mr. Anyiwe. He further narrates how he got to unite with his passion for fashion with entrepreneurship in a quite bizarre way after being pushed into it by his mother. “Clothes making and needlework in Africa is erroneously seen as a preserve for young girls as they grow up, but I took a liking for it and my mother encouraged it a lot even though some friends laughed at me.

I am glad I followed my passion else ZenCotton would never have seen the light of day as we speak. My educational life spanned the Continental International School in Warri to be precise, to Ogwashiuku Polytechnic, both respectively in Nigeria’s Delta State. I studied non-fashion subjects but fashion kept pulling me back into its circle.

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“As a fashion designer, I take much inspiration from fashion houses like Neo Pele Concepts in Delta State, Nigeria; Fekleve Clothing, Bayelsa State, Nigeria as well as Focus Collection and House of Amel in Ghana’s capital city of Accra. My biggest dream, perhaps, is to get in touch with Desmond Marrion of Supreme Bespoke in Moscow, Russia simply because ‘his work is handmade’ and that fascinates me.” — Timothy Chuks Anyiwe

Now the CEO through his work has met and interacted with some of the big names in the Ghanaian and Nigerian entertainment industry — making customized clothes and accessories for them. “One thing that makes ZenCotton stand out from others is the fact that as a fashion house, we always keep our time, meet our deadlines and prioritize customer expectation,” the clothes maker and fashion aficionado said.

As he shares more about his personal life experiences, Anyiwe reveals that one of the hardest moments in his life was having to leave his country Nigeria to Ghana where he had no place to lay his head nor friends to talk to. He only had a dream and memories of his mother’s word to motivate himself.

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He goes on to tell that he hanged on because nothing good comes easy. He knows he has a lot more to learn but he is at that place where he feels ready to do just that as he improves his craft. “Creativity is his driving force and client satisfaction gives me the urge to do more,” said ZenCouture CEO who encouraged all young entrepreneurs to find their passion and stay disciplined to nurturing it however hard things may be.

Being in the fashion business for eleven years, he says, it hasn’t been easy but his consistency has kept him going. “Get your groove on, your confidence intact, and inspirational drive on high gear. But if you must get that perfect style you want then get it from ZenCotton Couture now…” and tell them sent you.

For more, visit ZenCotton Couture on Instagram as @zencottoncouture and find their CEO on Facebook as @chuksloveusman.

Written by Oral Ofori and Christopher Sam

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