Caak-A Consultancy CEO Cynthia Awumee becomes the change she seeks

With a radiant smile and a confident look, she peers from behind her eyeglasses and folds her arms in front of her and say, “the satisfaction of helping people is the inspiration behind what I do.” Her name is Cynthia Afi Awumee and she is the CEO of Caak-A Consultancy, a consulting firm in Ghana.

Being a young female and running a business consultancy in Ghana — West Africa — is no walk in the park, but Ms. Awumee is bent on making her mark. As she adjusts her glasses, she tells that “my other and as a matter of fact, major inspiration is my Father in Heaven and my late father J.K. Awumee.

You see I had the blessing of watching my father run Global Computers. He carried out the function as CEO of the firm he started with such diligence and dedication like as though he was being paid. Dad was the kind of guy who saw the end from the beginning, that motivated him to keep going even in harder times. Today even though he’s not here, his words and the lessons he taught me make me believe in the future of Caak-A Consultancy,” Cynthia confidently explained.

So what is peculiar about Caak-A Consultancy?

Caak-A Consultancy primarily seeks to help its clients source and hire the most qualified professionals in select and highly skilled occupations. The young firm also endeavors to assist professionals to find the best job opportunities in their respective fields during their journeys to advance their careers.

The CEO told that some of the consulting services they provide their growing clientele in Ghana include CV Writing, a myriad of HR services, and job market information. On job consulting “we also provide exclusive access to existing job opportunities and help our entrepreneurial clients build their customized business development plans tailored towards their own vision.

Caak-A Consultancy Founder Cynthia Awumee
Caak-A Consultancy Founder Cynthia Awumee

When asked what was peculiar about her firm, Cynthia emphasized that “personal grooming and personal relationship with the client and our routine check up on them, and how we go out of our way to personalize everyone’s requirement is just one of the many ways we stand out here at Caak-A Consultancy.” She concluded, “it is based on this reason that we plan to organize more tailor-made training programs this year for existing and potential applicants.

Cynthia has her hand on the right pulse and knows exactly what she intends to achieve. A little background research revealed some of the leading names in the industry that she has worked with in Ghana. Names like Mrs. Flossie Adadevoh, former head of Administration at First Atlantic Bank, and Mrs. Elikem Kwadzokpo who is head of Human Resource of GNFoods in Tema, both respectively in Ghana.

African girl Power on display

“I’m so glad for the opportunity I had to work with these and other amazing women that helped me know and understand some of the hardest moments on my journey, some of which made me almost give up. I have kept going on even today when some clients breach contracts and show disregard for the commitment they made with the company — my passion and experience keep however keeps me going.

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Her glasses now off her face, Cynthia rhetorically asked, “if I stop who then is going to bring the change I want to see in the industry, in Ghana, and in Africa?

If you or anyone you know might have a need for any of the services provided by Caak-A Consultancy please email them with or call/text their WhatsApp number +233248818730. Do let them know sent you and you wouldn’t be disappointed. Connect with them on social media by searching Caak A Consultancy on Facebook and Instagram respectively.

Written by Oral Ofori

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