Heroes of COVID-19: Ghana’s Edward Asare wins amid deadly pandemic

This 27-year-old Ghanaian named Edward Asare has shown his true mettle amidst COVID-19 by rising from the point of being unemployed for over two years to becoming a force worth reckoning with in the Ghanaian social media landscape.

Mr. Asare, originally from Dawatrim-Asesewa in the Eastern Region, granted an insightful interview early in August of 2020 where he shared amazing tips about how to make money online. That interview was well received after its publication, and it was no surprise when four months down the line in November 2020 we heard that he had been adjudged Digital Media Influencer in Ghana by Youth Excellence Awards (YEA).

When we heard that Clique Empire, organizers of the YEA had announced winners for the 2020 edition, our eyes glistened when we saw Mr. Asare’s name on the list. After putting together a quick meeting, the management of decided Mr. Asare will also be the best fit for our December 2020 Covid-19 Hero.

Almost 301k following on social media and still selfless

Yes, it is a double-glory for Edward as he is honored by YEA Africa, through its awards scheme that seeks to recognize and celebrate outstanding youths in Africa who push to create positive impacts on society in their various fields of work. And at the same time, he was named among the Heroes of Covid-19; a series that brings recognition to people in the backdrop of a world facing a darkness who still shine lights of hope to inspire humanity.

Edward Asare proudly displaying his 2020 YEA Digital Media Influence Award

Heroes of Covid-19 has since its inception had the honor of capturing wonderful stories of amazing Africans, mostly youths, from countries like Liberia, South Africa, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Ghana. Mr. Edward Asare and his amazing endurance excited a lot of our readers through his online community.

Edward has a combined social media following of almost 301k broken down into 16k likes on Facebook, 8.7k on Instagram, 46k on Twitter, and a Facebook public group with over 246k membership,” revealed Oppong Clifford Benjamin of who is one of the team members that assessed Edward’s work. Clifford reported that Edward used his pages in ways that positively attracted following, increasing his growth and online visibility in the process.

For me, it was not really about the numbers of people that he directly influenced online, but how he single-handedly made sense of it all and still had time to be the social media manager of as well,” Clifford said. “This guy is delivering positive results to all these pages he manages while also helping promote the works of individuals and corporations by giving valuable pieces of advice and tips about traversing social media amidst a pandemic. That’s selfless hard work right there.” loved how Edward provided solace, info, and opportunities for many of his online community members.

From double-trouble to double-glory, and still pushing

Here is what December Covid-19 Hero, and YEA 2020 Digital Media Influencer who studied business at Accra Academy in Ghana said: “This double-glory today reminds me of my double-trouble days. I remember after I graduated from the University of Ghana in 2012 where I studied Economics and Information Studies, I had to leave the allure of Ghana’s capital to return to farming in my rural village in Dawatrim-Asesewa in the Eastern Region because I couldn’t find a job.

In the village, I just learned to accept myself, but not my predicament. I gave everything that I did my all, knowing that it was going to pay off one day. I however didn’t expect that day to arrive at this time, especially amidst a pandemic. I have been humbled by all this. I’m dedicating these wins to everyone in my past and present who helped me or gave me a hard time — you have all contributed to this great day,” said the Digital Media Consultant who also asked that the world continue to adhere to safety protocols as the fight against Covid-19 continues.

Some tips Edward shared with us about staying relevant online as a business amidst a pandemic included “don’t disregard your customer/client because of this pandemic, always keep connected, advertise more online, take advantage of new initiatives across respective social media platforms that encourage businesses that have been forced to move online, remember you competitors are still competing but don’t panic because of this, just position yourself confidently as clients and people in general love confidence that deliver positive results.”

Congratulations once again Edward Asare, we can’t wait to see you grow into further greatness as you continue to excel and give businesses and clients ideas to thrive in these hard times. See you soon in the United States as we gather some of our Heroes of Covid-19 hopefully under one roof to share their respective stories with each other before mid-2021.

Written by Oral Ofori

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