Yes you can make money online, let Edward Asare expose you to basic digital marketing tips

Once at a point in our business world, online marketing came as a whole new and different marketing strategy from traditional marketing. It, however, opened up new but efficient platforms for the sales of goods and services, and today looks at Edward Asare, one of the many in Africa who set themselves up to optimize this arena.

The importance of digital marketing has now become an unavoidable part of a successful business because these days it is no longer enough to have a website or run some unfocused ads campaign,” Mr. Asare told in a phone interview from Ghana.

For those of you that do not have integrated digital marketing strategies working for your business at this time, then time is already working against you. If COVID-19 hasn’t exposed the frailty you have, then you’re probably too old-school to be reading this. But if you’re still too old and want in on the action, then read on to get help. realized most businesses in Ghana and other parts of Africa, particularly small businesses, make very little use of digital marketing. So we decided to throw our spotlight on an established Ghanaian digital marketeer, Edward Asare, who is among the many Ghanaians like Jemila Abdula of Circumspecté.com that can help you turn-up your game plan.

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Edward wants you to jump on the social media speed-train

So, education for Edward began at De Youngsters International School. High school was at Accra Academy, from there a young Edward enrolled in the University of Ghana, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Information Studies. See, he knows how to manage info and help you monetize it, but let him speak for himself.

After graduation, I spent two years searching for a salaried-job. It was a fruitless search. At this point, I slapped myself on the wrist and decided to venture into digital marketing. I worked as a digital marketer with Media General,, Glofert, and Peduase Valley Resort, all in Ghana. It was at these places that I started to realize the power of social and digital media and the aggressiveness with which they were going to take over the information age,” Edward said. 

When asked Edward to share a few tips with our readers, he said: Firstly, if you don’t have a social media or a digital media marketer and you are on your own, please set up a content calendar. Do proofread your posts before pushing them out to avoid frequent errors. Stay active and engaged with the conversation online and remember you are a brand, so be careful to not ruin that, else hire Edward to free up time so you can do other things.

Find a common interest among the followers/subscribers you have on your social media portal, and please do give exposure to your notable followers where possible,” he said, adding that “picking a series of hashtags that properly represent your brand is also as pivotal as knowing when to post and how often to post.

…And Mr. Edward Asare lets the tips flow while looking into the future

Most of you are probably social media savvy by now, but how many of you are actually making the most ​of it? A majority of posts online these days are Phonocentrism biased thanks to youths, so people are watching and listening more than reading, so please if your posts are not armed with exciting graphics, videos and or photos then you will lose your message and audience because like the gold-fish, you have less than 6 seconds to make a mark online via social media,” Edward believes.

Edward said these tips are not only for beginners but veterans and basically anyone who wants to delve deep into the digital realms of being social online with the expectation of reaping from it​ — people are making millions online but it takes time and knowledge if you are ready to learn​.

Like Oliver Twist, we pushed for more, I mean who doesn’t love valuable tips from an expert. Our bubbles almost burst when Edward said “just keep linking with other like-minded social media channels and individuals,” then he smiled and said “OK here are a few more tips for you: interact with your audience; developing audience retention plans that include giveaways, loyalty rewards and please, respect the trends and don’t muddy yourself online.

With another smile, he concluded by saying “dude hire me and I’ll take care of you.” He then said, “but on a serious note let me encourage those leaning towards a career in digital marketing or who are already in the field to add content creation and graphic designing to their skills. Try to get some understanding of SEO and SEM, oh and be passionate and persuasive, know your game because your client, customer, or friend has a bunch of exciting things fighting for their attention — give them a reason to focus on you.”  

Check out to see what makes Edward unique is his ability to combine both content creation and blogging. He particularly believes that being able to tell a compelling story gives him an upper hand over many bloggers. But if you ask we will add that he is also a budding singer as well as a digital marketer. 

Hopefully, this has been worth your read, for more follow Edward on; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Written by Oral Ofori

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