US-based Ghanaian Boxer Yahu Blackwell to be enthroned ‘Noryaa Tse’ in Osu, Ghana

In July of 2023 Yah’Kwame Kariuki Nii Ayi Kushi Amaa Blackwell who is professionally recognized as “Yahu Blackwell” of the Gadangme Tribe of Ghana, and the Kikuyu Anjiru Clan in the east African nation of Kenya, will be enthroned as “OSU NORYAA TSE” in Ghana.

An Osu Noryaa Tse among the people of Osu in Ghana is also referred to as “The Development-King-at-Large” and is recognized by the Osu monarch, His Royal Majesty (HRM) Notse Nii Nortey Owuo IV of the Osu Empire. The new chieftain will be responsible for overseeing projects — on behalf of the Osu monarchy — that’s concerned with the development of Osu’s economy and also work to attract both foreign and domestic investors from the Diaspora.

He will serve as a liaison between Osu monarchy and the indigenes of Osu who reside outside of Ghana and around the world and serve as the unifying strength that will focus their attention and resources on the motherland.

“This enthronement means the world to me. It is a weight I’m prepared to shoulder, and I’ll do everything I can to make the best of it, to make Osu greater. I will be open to new ideas and discover ways to move the people of Osu forward positively into the future with the help of everyone,” said Yahu Blackwell to from his base in the United States.

Soon to be His Excellency, King Yah’Kwame Kariuki Nii Ayi Kushi Amaa Blackwell (Yahu Blackwell), will be serving the Osu Stool after his coronation rituals are performed later this year in Ghana around July through August.

HRM Owuo IV reminded Yah’Kwame that loyalty to the stool is always a blessing that the ancestors will pour out upon him. The King of Osu further told the boxer to “be true in your convictions to serve always, and understand why we serve. Do remember your oath on the day you take it and the sky will be no limit.”

Yahu Blackwell, who is a professional boxer fighting under the flag of Ghana, has expressed his excitement about his enstoolment. “This gives me a humbling opportunity to serve my people and to ultimately establish a strong link with my ancestral heritage on the Ghana side. As a serial entrepreneur and businessman, I’ve always prayed for ways to not just give back, but also learn from my people and I can’t wait to do exactly this as a development-chief-at-large when I attend the 2023 Homowo Festival in Ghana.”

Sources say HRM Notse Nii Nortey Owuo IV and his excellency Osu Noryaa Tse (Yahu) have already begun outlining some development projects for Osu, and they will soon announce details about them.

The township of Osu is located about 3 kilometers (1.9 mi) east of the central business district of the neighborhood in central Accra, Ghana. It is locally known as the “West End” of Accra and bounded to the south by the Gulf of Guinea, Osu’s western boundary is the Independence Avenue.

Meanwhile, Yahu Blackwell makes his official return to the ring at the end of June in a Cruiserweight highly anticipated match at Santa Domingo in the Dominican Republic against Columbian fighter Roberto Gonzales. The scheduled 8-round bout will be for the WBC and WBA regional titles.


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