What Shall It Profit A Man To Gain Everything & Lose His Own Soul? Jean Mensah, Nana Akufo-Addo & The Sovereignty Of Ghanaians

The sovereignty of Ghana resides in its citizens. At elections, this sovereignty is transferred from the  electors to the elected. This is a divine process because you are transferring your God-given will to  another human being to act on your behalf. Anyone who distorts the transfer, distorts the will of God  Himself. It is dreadful thing to fall into hands of the Almighty living God. 

Jean, you released the most shocking election results in the 4th Republic only a few days ago. Then for  the first time in the history of electoral politics in Ghana, you came back to tell Ghanaians that you had made a mistake in the data you presented to declare Nana the President. Just unbelievable. 

The moment I saw the data, I knew it was a farce, a sham and absolute disgrace. I said I was going to  write about it and within 8 hours, the EC quickly admitted that it had made a mistake. Wow. Let me  remind our God-fearing, Bible-quoting Jean Mensah that according to James 2:10-12,14 

10 Whoever breaks one commandment is guilty of breaking them all.

President Akufo-Addo (left) with the Jean Mensah in handshake

11 For the same one who said, “Do not commit adultery,” also said, “Do not commit murder.” Even if  you do not commit adultery, you have become a lawbreaker if you commit murder. 

12 Speak and act as people who will be judged by the law that sets us free. 

14 My friends, what good is it for one of you to say he has faith if your actions do not prove it? 

The same one who made one gargantuan mistake is bound to make another gargantuan mistake.  When you make the kind of kindergarten ‘’mistake’’ you made, you lose all credibility. In Ga, we say  ‘’ŋmɛ kome fiteɔ ŋmɛ tsomuu lɛ fɛɛ’’ to wit, one bad nut spoils the whole bunch of nuts.

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What you did was either incompetence, fraud, or both. I say both. This is what you read to the world: 

‘’At the end of the transparent, fair, orderly, timely and peaceful Presidential Elections, the total  number of valid votes cast was 13 Million 4 hundred and 34 thousand, 5 hundred and 74.  (13,434,574) Representing 79% of the total registered voters.’’ 

Madam, you did not write figures, you wrote everything in words before the figures in brackets. Did  you have data for the valid votes and forgot to use it? How did the mistake occur? You then proceeded  to use the wrong figure to calculate the voter turnout at 79%. Even after detecting your mistake, you  did not change the voter turnout. Why do you want a high, almost 80% turn out? What will that  conceal? Adukwei, I am terribly disappointed in you. For me to conclude that Charlotte Osei was better  than you is very painful. I advised you earlier that if the pressure was too much, resign. Let us take the  issues one by one, starting with the voter turnout. 


From your new figures, (VTO) 13 119 460, 77% and not 79% as previously announced. Why is this important? You know, don’t you? 

The VTO for Ashanti is 82%. When you take Ashanti out, the average VTO for the 15 regions is 71%.  The closer the overall VTO is to that of Ashanti, the less obvious the massive rigging in Ashanti appears. 

The most heterogenous region in Ghana is Greater Accra, and its VTO is 74%. It is statistically worrying  that Ashanti, the second most heterogenous region VTO is 8% higher than that of GAR. That is a socio-

mathematical improbability. Supposing we peg Ashanti at 74%, its valid votes will decrease by about  237 000. Jean, I put it to you that Ashanti vote was rigged by at least 230 000 .  

NPP realised that the vote deficit was too huge and rigging in Ashanti alone would not be enough. It  appears a plan was hatched to spread the rigging: increase NPP vote in two regions and partially  neutralise NDC votes in two other regions. I am focus sing on only Ashanti, the nerve centre of the NPP rigging machine since 2008, when Nana got involved. The smarter guys in NDC can dig into the  other three regions – after all, NDC also believe it has the men to govern. Siamese jokers. 


I did not follow the % for just Nana and John but followed the %s of the minor parties as well. I knew  what they could be used for – sequestrate NDC votes to them, make them feel good to entice them accept the results. I predicted prior to the elections that their total vote would be no more than 1%.  

Valid votes/% Nana Dramani Christian Others
12 810 455 6 594 875 6 130 698 53 313 31 569
% at 97.6 51.480 47.860 0.420 0.240
13 119 460 6730413 6214889 105565 70 244
% at 100% 51.300 47.372 0.805 0.534
EC released % 51.295 47.366 0.805 0.534

1. With the new figure of 13119460 valid votes, the % for Nana and John changed a little bit,  though Jean said there would be no change. In effect the total % is 100.011% and not 100%. 2. This is the most interesting observation: When 12 810 455 or 97.6% of valid votes had been  counted, the minor parties combined had polled 85 122 or 0.66% of valid votes. Read below. 3. With only 309 005 (13 119 460 – 12 810 460) or 2.4% of valid votes to go, the minor PARTIES  polled 90 687 or 29.3% of this remaining 309 005. They polled more votes in the remaining  2.4% than in the 97.6% previously recorded. Jean, this is a mathematical impossibility. I put it  to you that you sequestrated 90 000 NDC votes to this group. My sister, what at all is this?  


I do not care who wins. Nana or John cannot move Ghana from the 3rd world to the 1st. I just want the  will of the people to prevail. Anyone may take this matter to Court and ask for forensic auditing using  the data preservation Regulation 47 of CI 127. As kids when we took pictures, we got the ‘’negative’’ from which we could print more copies. If we lose the ‘’negative’’ then our image is gone forever. 

I hope it is not true that you ordered the fingerprints on the BVD machines of all those who voted to  be deleted immediately you announced the results. If this is true, then you have destroyed the  ‘’negative’’ for us to print another photo. You have broken the law (Regulation 47 of CI 127) and have  committed electoral fraud that if God lives, you will go to jail for. This matter is not going to end soon. 

Opined by Nii Amu Darko 

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