Drumming Ghana Workshop to Celebrate Traditional Ghanaian Styles of Music

The Drumming Ghana Workshop is an exciting event that will take participants on a journey of learning more about Ghana’s history of drumming and traditional music. The event takes place from December 20-26, 2020 at the Gold Coast Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge in Ghana.

the event flyer courtesy visitGhana
the event flyer courtesy visitGhana

The event is a collaborative effort of Tours & Arts Solutions, Apstar Tours, Gold Coast Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge, Diaspora African Community, and the African Drums Orchestra.

The event is endorsed by the ‘Beyond the Return’ Secretariat and is an important program on this year’s December in Ghana activities list because it represents two important pillars in the ‘Beyond the Return’ initiative. These are Experience Ghana and Celebrate Ghana. It’s an opportunity to experience an event while also celebrating the culture and traditions of Ghana.

Video of Okyerema Asante the Master Percussionist and Drummer from Ghana in a talking-drums performance

Beyond the Return is a national agenda that will stand the test of time. So we wanted ‘Drumming Ghana’ to also stand the test of time.” said, William Agbeko Segbedzi, CEO of Tours & Arts Solutions. Since the program is a 10-year initiative, the organizers felt this was a good way of making drumming exercises a part of the national agenda in promoting Ghana.

When asked why this event was important to do, William said, “The workshop has been decided on for three reasons, namely the renaissance of African traditional drum usage in modern times. Secondly, inciting corporate teamwork among participants and finally, re-instilling drumming as a tool for message sending in international communication.” Richard Kofi Koomson of Africa Telema Dance Ensemble will be teaching the drumming to all the participants.

It is going to be an exciting few days as those participating get the chance to learn from an experienced drummer. They will be learning how to play a harmonious symphony of African drums in their raw form and also gain knowledge on four different Ghanaian drum rhymes riding on Jemgbe.

Those who want to attend the event as spectators are free to do so. However, anyone who wants to participate in the drumming lessons must register for a fee of 150 cedis. For more information about the event, please contact +233 243 322 558 or +233 579 133 770 or email

Written by: Ivy Prosper

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