Ubor Wumbe Dawuni And Rocky Dawuni Lament Chinese Gambling

Chief Ubor Wumbe
Chief Ubor Wumbe to the left with brother Rocky Dawuni in photo by Cary Sullivan

Ubor Wumbe Dawuni, the Chief of Bunbong in the Yendi District of the Northern Region of Ghana and his 2016 GRAMMY-nominated-junior-brother; Rocky Dawuni, have both lamented the negative impacts some Chinese businesses are having on their small community.

In an exclusive interview with from Yendi, the Bunbong Chief said some of these Chinese businesses, especially the gambling companies have invaded the eastern corridor of the Northern Region where his chieftain covers. The introduction of gambling is badly hampering the progress of the community.

Since Ubor Wumbe Dawuni became Chief he and his about three thousand peopled community of Bunbong in the Yendi metropolis have been striving to push forward positive traditional and cultural values, education, good healthcare and improvement of the local economy. Something his younger brother and legendary Reggae musician and social activist confirmed to

Chief Ubor Wumbe Dawuni on Chinese Gambling issue

“It is rather unfortunate that there are over 14 gambling centers in my community, all of which are set up and run by the Chinese. Their entry into our community was quiet and quick. The most disturbing part of the practice is that children of all ages are allowed to gamble provided they can afford the cost. This has lead to truancy among school-aged children and other social problems like abuse, moral decay, and prostitution among others” — Ubor Wumbe Dawuni

The Chief said there was no way he and his people were going to condone this corruption of the soul because the community leadership is of the opinion that it can negate the good effort to move the community forward. He felt this was a “violation of our space and culture and an attempt to break the social structure and our moral fortitude.”

The Chinese have enlisted the help of assemblymen and chiefs in a lot of the communities in the northern region of Ghana to spread their gambling trade.

However, can reveal that GRAMMY nominee; Rocky Dawuni is doing all he can to assist his big brother in curbing the trend. They both believe it is the duty of leadership to stand up and protect the people from this Chinese snare and appealed for government oversight on this issue.

Making progress despite Chinese problem

Ubor Wumbe Dawuni
Chief Ubor Wumbe to 2nd left in photo by Azindow Hamzah Moabalyn

On the brighter side though, the Chief pointed out some of the progress he has been able to make since his appointment, some of which include the institution of an annual cultural festival, the ‘Linujil Festival’; a harvest festival which is the largest of its kind in the eastern corridor of the northern region of Ghana. The festival enters its third year of celebration on September 16, 2016.

Come September 26, 2016, the Chief will lead his community to break ground for a library and a learning center for which funding has been acquired. When completed the project will create a great environment for learning, it will be stocked with books, computers and other materials to help raise the standard of education.

“We recently got a manual water filtering system donated by a US-based non-governmental organization named Water For The Global Community. This is helping augment the electrically operated water system that was built three years ago by the Canadian International Development Agency and the government of Ghana as part of the Small Town Water project” Chief said to

Though some form of progress is being made, the Dawuni brothers called on the Government of Ghana to help solve the problem their community is facing because it is important that Ghana protects her sovereignty. It is common knowledge that currently, some drinking bars across Ghana have these gambling machines installed.

Meet Chief Ubor Wumbe Dawuni

Before becoming a Chieftain, Ubor Wumbe Dawuni used to be known as Robert Dawuni. He completed studies in Chemistry with Geology at the University of Ghana where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree. He is an entrepreneur and owns a soap and cosmetics company.

The Chief is the executive director of Africa Live organization which he founded with his brother Rocky Dawuni and Cary Sullivan. The organization has been responsible for producing the Rocky Dawuni Independence Splash concerts. He has also worked on projects with UNICEF, the Jimmy Carter Center and the European Union in the fight against guinea worm in Ghana. To find out more about his young brother Rocky Dawuni visit

Source: Oral Ofori

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