Art of African Fashion 2022 will Explore the ‘Flamboyance of African fashion’

The Art of African Fashion 2022 will give a two-day event experience dated May 27 – 28, with a sole aim of sparking discussions about the future of African fashion in Sweden, fostering industry collaborations and building a global recognition for African brands that are currently influencing the African fashion debate.

The event will hold at the Fiberspace Gallery, south of Södermalm, Stockholm, in an area popularly known as the Sofo District.

The event has been made to align with Africa Day and the commencement of the warm season in Stockholm, Sweden “allowing guests to purchase for summer wardrobe items,” according to Rogue Pallete, the organising firm of the event.

The firm Rouge Palette is a Sweden-based luxury marketing communications and public relations firm founded 2019 in Ghana. The firm over the years has conveyed the distinctive stories of over 30 brands around the world, with a focus on fashion and lifestyle brands.

Christie Brown (Ghana), Afrochella (Ghana), Modern Gem Jewellery (Hong Kong), Essence Full Circle Festival (USA), and many others are among their very distinct clients.

The firm’s intriguing interest in having African products on show has been described as an experience of parade for African fashion, setting a symbol that should put the continent’s limitless potential in the face of the world.

“The Art of African Fashion is an invitation to experience the flamboyance of African fashion, to reimagine luxury beyond traditional Eurocentric palates, and a reminder of the endless possibilities the African continent presents,” said Rogue Pallete in a press release.

According to Rogue Pallete, the event will begin on the night of May 27 from 6-9pm with a brief presentation about the event’s motivation and a profile of each brand on display to RSVPs only. Following that, guests are free to explore the floor and inquire further about objects that capture their attention.

Any interested parties will also be able to acquire the artworks. Mix and mingle while listening to a curated playlist of classic Afro music, snacking, and sipping South African rosé. Follow this link for RSVP.

The event will continue on the second day May 28 from 11am-9pm, however it will be devoted to a more open viewing of the Art of African Fashion at the Fiberspace gallery, with no need to RSVP.

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Brands on display


Christie Brown is a high-end fashion label aimed towards global citizens. Christie Brown is proudly created in Ghana, West Africa, and its style and design reflect the country’s history.

Christie Brown has captivated major fashion influencers such as Harpers Bazaar, Vogue Italia, Canoe 53, and Glamour Magazine over the years. The brand has a long history of receiving worldwide accolades and recognition, including a CNN International coverage during Africa Fashion Week.


BIIO is a Ghanaian womenswear brand that uses edgy silhouettes and a contemporary style to subvert the status quo.

The BIIO aesthetic is inspired by a love of sporty and couture aspects (echoing a sense of juxtaposition) combined with the art of deconstruction to produce garments that empower the wearer to be disruptive in the best way possible.


Kente Gentleman was founded in Abidjan in 2017 as a way to honour and promote Côte d’Ivoire’s unique cultural history, as well as to support and preserve local textile companies and traditional craftsmanship.

Kente Gentleman, named after the famed Ghanaian textile Kente, which originated in the Ashanti Kingdom of the West African country, aims to dispel preconceptions about what “African” fashion means by presenting a modern and accessible look.


Zashadu is a famous British-Nigerian sustainable accessories business known for its handcrafted leather products.

Mini bags, clutches, and totes are just a few of the varieties available in the brand’s collections, which are fashioned from locally obtained leathers, cultivated exotic skins, and rough cut precious stones set in brass.


I.AM.ISIGO is a Nigerian fashion label located in Nigeria, Ghana, and France that aims to raise awareness of how African culture can be combined with a bold yet minimalist design approach. Inspired by the Parisian runway’s elegant, head-turning designs as well as the African storytelling tradition.

I.AM.ISIGO comprises clothes art, furniture, and practical design that highlight the linkages between architecture, history, identity, and the designer’s own worries about the future, following a redesign in 2013.

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Torlowei is a Lagos-based fashion house that specialises in breathtakingly feminine items as well as exquisite nightwear and lingerie.

When the National Museum of African Art (NMAA) in Washington, D.C. acquired a dress named “Esther” designed by Torlowei, the brand made history. The garment is comprised of a mix of materials, including gold cloth, and has a hand-painted portrayal of scenes of oil and diamond extraction and battle.


Loza Maléombho, a self-titled women’s clothing and accessories business founded in New York City in 2009, is best defined as a bridge between traditional Ivorian aesthetics and contemporary fashion.

Their designs are made by local Ivorian artisans who have been mastering their trade for generations, and they contain bold decorative features that pay homage to the synergies between Ivorian tribal aesthetics and New York City’s metropolitan style.


David Tlale is an iconic brand, considered a pioneer of South African design. It is noted for its convention-defying drama, with his ready-to-wear and couture items functioning as flamboyant interpretations of contemporary basics.

The label first debuted in 2003, and by 2009, its designer had won the Africa Fashion Awards’ Fashion Designer of the Year title.


Adama Paris is a Senegalese fashion label that epitomises the new millennium’s multiculturalism.

The label embodies the ambition of its founder, Adama Ndiadye, to increase the awareness of African companies so that fashion for the modern woman is unified and borderless.


Marté Egele is a classy leather accessories brand that arose from true friendships and a desire to be unique.

The brand’s goal is to create one-of-a-kind, high-quality products through the blend of African culture and Western style has resulted in real leather pieces meticulously and authentically crafted by craftsmen in Lagos, Nigeria.


MYTH House is a Ghanaian luxury accessories brand aimed at the style icon looking for an authentic flavour of neo-African culture.

Abbreviated under the words Modern Youthful Trendy Haute, it symbolises the brand’s values and also best describes the type of woman MYTH designs for. Their goal is to be a leading source of distinctive African aesthetics that transcend international tastes through a constant line of premium accessories.

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