supremeRights Records introduces Xtacy

Xtacy photo courtesy SpeakLifeStudios

supremeRights Records, the recording studios that unleashed Worlasi on Ghana and the world in the latter parts of 2015 has once again gifted music fans with yet another smooth voiced artist in the person of Xtacy as we enter the 2016 new year.

Xtacy is an upcoming artist who believes in the power of projecting Africa through his music. He lists Afrobeat and Highlife as his musical fortes though he loves to juggle all kinds of musical genres based on wherever his inspiration leads him. He explains his genre-hopping-jaunts by saying: “I don’t want to be boxed-in, which is why I try to mix sounds but what is most important to me is putting out good music and have it appeal to existing and potential fans”.

The unique thing about Xtacy is that he defines himself as not your average musician who either has a musical influence in his family, friends or through education, rather his romance with music is bourn out of a purely run in collission. He further elaborates, “I am not a product of other people’s talents and frankly have close to zero ideas about music theory”. His music is more of a divine love story channelled through an inner voice that speaks to him, making him a listener who simply takes instructions.

“Every song of mine is a product of my emotions, the burning of my subconsciousness in an attempt to build bridges through which my listeners can connect with their emotional postives as they seek opportunities to warm their hearts and brighten their days” Xtacy reveals.

Mostly inspired by his exuberant disposition, Xtacy crafts songs that reflect his mood, surroundings, what he learns from his interactions and just about everything serves as a muse. He also sources content from the dark, dank and lonely recesses of his soul.

According to supremeRights Xtacy is working creatively with them to finish an EP which they hope to release before the first half of 2016. For now you can catch up with the Ghanaian artist on social media via Twitter as @xtacygh and enjoy his 2016 newest song below that is titled “Mafe Wo”, which is the Akan language of Ghana for “I miss you”.

Source: Oral Ofori/supremeRights

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