US-based Ghanaian act Reynolds the Gentleman drops ‘Sa Ma Me’ single

Reynolds the Gentleman is set to give his fans a refreshing experience with his new release titled, “Sa Ma Me”. The Afro R&B singer and music producer’s new song celebrates the togetherness of dance.

What inspired the song was the idea of dancing as a form of expressing love. In essence, it is a form of intimacy. Dance is, therefore, a metaphor for that togetherness that comes with loving and being with a person.” — Reynolds the Gentleman.

The title, which is Twi (Ghanaian language) for ‘Dance for me’, is Reynolds’s way of saying ‘Let’s share the love’.

When I say ‘Sa Ma Me’, it is my way of telling a lady that I want to appreciate her as this wonderful person God has blessed me with,” the musician explains.

Under his persona TheGentleMan, Reynolds self-produced the groovy track, which opens with a soulful Grand Piano melody. It switches seamlessly into a perfect blend of bass, percussion, and his smooth, tenor vocals.

This single serves as an introduction to Reynolds’s new brand. He explains, “A new brand doesn’t mean I am changing my style, but my fans can expect to see a better version of me. And that’s why I talk about my personal mantra, ‘The Next Level’. I want them to expect my next level and hopefully, they can appreciate the person I’m becoming.

I am working on something big,” he continues. “We are trying to move to a better level and structure our way of doing things now. I hope that everyone comes on board – we’re trying to reach more core, organic fans who want to support the dream and see me do better.

Sa Ma Me is a precursor of something bigger, as management of the artiste reveal, saying that it is a teaser, albeit a winner in its own right. Stream or buy the new music on all major platforms via this link:

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