Worlasi announces 6-track studio EP, ‘The.rap.y’

Ghanaian artist, Worlasi has announced that his highly anticipated 6-track studio EP, “The.rap.y” will be released on 13th April, 2023. This body of work marks his first EP release in 2 years and promises to be a powerful addition to his already impressive discography.

“The.rap.y” is a musical therapy session for Worlasi, where he confronts the complications and struggles he faces in everyday life and in turn, during his creative cycle. Each song portrays a recurring emotion which, if left unchecked, could elevate or destroy him as a creative.

Worlasi, knowing he couldn’t afford to go to a therapist regularly and how uncommon it is in West African culture, learns to be honest with himself through his music. Throughout the EP, Worlasi shares insight into his inner conversations, using his music as an emotional outlet to maintain a balance and prevent the double-edged swords of his emotions from destroying him.

The EPs first track, “Perfection” begins with a conversation talking about the effects of being a perfectionist and its impact on his mind and work.

“Luci” is the name of the second track on the album and represents any negative, evil or sinful thought that is tempting yet a distraction.

“Jealousy”, the third track, makes reference to his battle between being self-confident while at the same time envying those around him.

The album’s fourth track, “Who the F” discusses the expectations, beliefs, anger, and other emotions people may dump on us.

“Future self” sees Worlasi talking to himself in the future, having a conversation with the person he wants to become and the thoughts that go with that.

The final track, “When am gone” is a contemplative track where Worlasi reflects on his life, hoping people will speak well of him when he’s gone and acknowledges the duality of the good and bad that comes with being a public figure.

The EP serves to connect with any person fighting their own internal struggles, creatively or otherwise, who feel they have no person or resource to turn to. It is an example of how one can lean on a creative outlet as a first step to help process and release one’s emotions.

Worlasi says, “This album helped me work through a period in my life where I truly felt stuck, especially creatively. I feel like most people are like me and can’t afford professional help regularly.

“But I knew it was important to sit and think and process what I was feeling, so I had to take these emotions and use my craft as an outlet. This EP is me sharing it with the world with the hope that it encourages others to lean on a creative outlet as a way to process their own emotions.”

“The.rap.y” is a full rap EP performed in both English, Ewe and Ghanaian Pidgin. All songs include english subtitles and lyrics to help for better translation. This is a fully Ghanaian project as the “The.rap.y” was produced entirely by Worlasi and Ghana’s up and coming talented producer David Hammond.

All mix and mastering was done by Qube, a multitalented Ghanaian sound engineer and was recorded by CM records in Accra, Ghana.  The EP does not feature any other artists as Worlasi dedicated this project to solely work through his personal creative blockages and emotions.

Worlasi’s unique sound and approach to music have garnered him a loyal following over the years, with “The.rap.y” set to cement his place as one of the most important voices in music today.

“The.rap.y” will be available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, Google Play, Boomplay, Audiomack, Soundcloud etc. For more information on Worlasi and his music, please visit his social media platform @worlasigh.

About Worlasi

Worlasi is a multi-talented, award winning Ghanaian rapper, singer, songwriter and music producer who hails originally from Ghana’s Volta region. His songs are a mixture of soul and hip-hop, blended with an African flavor and are famous for their refreshing and inspiring lyrics.

A versatile artist, Worlasi effortlessly switches from singing to rapping in multiple languages such as English, Ewe, Ghanaian Pidgin, Fante and Ga and on his tracks. Worlasi has worked and secured features with some of Ghana’s top artists like Sarkodie, Reggie Rockstone, Kwabena Kwabena, EL, M.anifest, Hammer of Da Last Two, Wanlov, Sena Dagadu and Kwaw Kese.

Worlasi won Best Alternative artist/song of the year at the 3Music Awards in Ghana and has had multiple VGMA nominations over his 8 year career.

For press inquiries, please contact: worlasiofficial@gmail.com

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