Samuel Ajibola ‘Spiff’ Releases Episode 2 of Comedy Skit ‘Dele Issues’

 Samuel Ajibola
Samuel Ajibola “Spiff”, photo courtesy Naija Videos

Samuel Ajibola ‘Spiff’ released the second episode to his comedy skit series titled ‘One Customer Bank’ on March 24, 2017 just 2 weeks on the heels of the debut episode. The show is called ‘Dele Issues’, which is a Nigerian slang of the phrase ‘daily issues’ and also the name of the show’s protagonist, Dele.

TheAfricanDream.net ​discovered that ​the skit garnered great views when ​Samuel​ dropped the first skit on YouTube. Comments from his subscribers there indicate they were​ impressed and excited​. This gingered Samuel to follow up with the second sequel​ so his fans can see what happens next even though the debut episode was just two weeks old​.​

“One Customer Bank” according to Samuel Ajibola ‘Spiff’ is centered around activities within the office of a bank manager who accords little respect to a customer that has a little amount of money in her account. The manager threatens to close the account only to realize in a twist of events that this client in question ​i​s actually the daughter of a major shareholder ​of​ the bank.

In the skit, Dele is often faced with difficult situations where he is always expected to make decisions that mostly turn out ridiculous results, fueling the comedic drive of the show. The series is garnished with funny expressions which makes an audience laugh or wonder.

The award-winning comedian is Nigerian born and often shares anecdotes that portray his native culture. Watch him on his YouTube Channel​ – ​Ajibola​ ​​TV ​- which already has over 400 following as at the first quarter of 2017​ ​​and remember to subscribe to ​it​.

I actually wanted to be a business administrator after school” said Samuel, the University of Lagos graduate who believes he stumbled upon acting by accident based on his raw talents. He however decided to divert from business by going back to school to study acting, a decision he has never regretted ​due to the fact that he​ i​s now one of the household known young comedians of Nigeria today.

The actor and comedienne wants to keep perfecting his art and use his talent​s​ to positively impact society, he also has his eyes set on attending to his social responsibilities soon as he feels it is very important to entertain one’s fans while being sensitive towards the plights of the society from which you have emerged​.​ “I love children and I know they are one of my biggest fans​,​ so I want to do something for them to touch their lives” he says.

Find Samuel Ajibola ‘Spiff’ on Instagram: @samajibola and Twitter: @samajibola01 where you can catch up on what is new with him​.​ ​Trace​ his social media tracks with the hashtag #DeleIssues for more ​updates.

Source: Oral Ofori / Samy Tshimanga

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