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The Project Save Your Village or Town initiative of Ken Atta-Boakye

Ken Atta-Boakye, pictured, is like an uncle of mine and even though we’ve known each other for barely half a decade, he has been able to leave a positive mark on me for the simple fact that he’s always done his most to place Ghana on a much higher pedestal. Recently I’ve been speaking with Mr. Atta-Boakye about his efforts …

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Book Review – Campaign to Promote Civic Education in Ghana

The book: Campaign to Promote Civic Education in Ghana Number of Pages: 108 Author: Ken Atta-Boakye Publisher: KAB Publishers Reviewed by: Oral Ofori There is this common belief that people in Africa are so preoccupied with focusing on making it through their day by thinking on that which is most important as far as fending for themselves and family is concerned. As a …

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