Jazz Guitarist Nathan Pryce drops single ‘Goodnight’ as a teaser to ‘Dreams’ album

Nathan Pryce
Nathan Pryce on his guitar

On August 29, 2017, TheAfricanDream.net published a story about US-Based Jazz guitarist, business owner, and technology specialist Nathan Pryce teaming up with musician friends in Ghana to record a musical eulogy in honor of the memory of legendary Ghanaian Highlife musician Paapa Yankson

When Mr. Pryce was asked at the time whether this was a sign of more to come from him, he responded, “I love music, especially Smooth Jazz and Highlife and I play it leisurely, but this tribute song ‘Tena Me Nkyen’ is particularly very dear to me and those I performed it with and for now I would like to leave things there in honor of my late friend Paapa Yankson.”

Well, in the first quarter of 2018 this writer discovered that Nathan did not leave things there…

Mr. Pryce has produced an album of a unique blend of sounds mixing smooth jazz with highlife rhythms resulting in a thrill to the well-tuned musical ear. The jazz enthusiast described the yet-to-be-released album as an afro jazz collection.

TheAfricanDream.net was offered an exclusive listening privilege to some of the tracks on the upcoming debut album and we are certain it will produce a new genre of songs. Mr. Pryce is imressive at blending Earl Klugh style smooth Jazz sounds with Ghanaian highlife.

All songs on the album were composed and arranged by Nathan Pryce himself with help from renowned instrumentalist and flutist Dela Botri who played flute on the album. Sammy Awuku was on guitar and David Aidoo on the bass.

We are excited to bring you an exclusive single track called ‘Goodnight‘ from the album titled. According to Mr. Pryce who is planning to release a 6-song CD sometime this year, ‘Goodnight‘ is one of the songs on the album to be titled ‘Dreams‘.

“The song is inspired by the search for peace and tranquil in a turbulent life. It is intended to soothe a troubled heart and further calm a relaxed mind while inviting nature into your imagination through the guitar strings and other acoustics,” explained Mr. Pryce.

Click play below to listen to or download ‘Goodnight’, the first of many songs and prepare for the upcoming ‘Dreams’ album. This work is 2 decades in the making by Nathan Pryce and now a dream come true.

Written by Oral Ofori

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