Meet fast-rising Ghanaian-American MC and host Ellis Wynston-Boye

Ellis Wynston-Boye has been in the spotlight recently as one of the finest and most active Masters of Ceremonies (MC) in the Washington DC metro area, hosting and officiating events within the Ghanaian and African communities and delighting audiences and guests with his humanity no matter the occasion.

My brand is always working hard to secure the interest of my clients, when I walk out there with the microphone in my hand the most important thing in my heart is my client, to make sure the purpose for which they contracted me is fulfilled,” MC Ellis tells TheAfricanDream.net

Ellis Wynston-Boye
MC Ellis (middle) in photo with clients while hosting an event

MC Ellis feels that a good Master of Ceremonies must nurture certain vital elements of their trade, of which include: preparedness, self-confidence, and the ability to go with the flow while keeping an eye out for the audience. “Try not to get carried away too in the process,” he advised, going on to say: “just be as naturally flowing as possible.

I always find a way to animate my audiences, whether at private occasions or public events by making sure I totally understand their needs and by also getting a little history of their events to properly arm myself as their MC or host. One reason I also think people keep requesting my service is that I have been blessed with the skill to create laughter, hence my motto: ‘You don’t know what a good laugh is until you’ve met MC Ellis,'” said MC Ellis.

Ellis Wynston-Boye under the microscope

Not all events require laughter though, funerals are an example. Over here Ellis noted that as an MC you must find an intimate way to light up the mood of your audience very gently and respectfully because after all, it is a somber moment.

As a young MC, he prides above anything else to create the best of memories that families can enjoy for a lifetime bearing in mind the fact that he has between 30 to 90 minutes or however long he is contracted for to make this happen, this is because every event is special to him, when he walks into one, he wants to leave it with something special too.

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Growing up in Ghana I was taught to attach excellence to everything I do, this has formed the core of my business is integrity — excellence and perfection,” explained MC Ellis, who feels despite his quest for perfection it was important to have deep respect for the occasion and client and know when not to burst onto the scene with elements that do not fit in as that will be most unprofessional.

150 events and still counting

Over the years MC Ellis has done over 150 events from acting as the ‘Otseame’ (linguist) at traditional engagements to all kinds of showers or church events hosting, parties, wedding receptions, funeral and memorial officiating, and exclusive private events.

Fluent in the Ghanaian languages of Fante, Ga, and Akan — the multilingual MC loves “connecting with people on an emotional level to help them feel better, with God’s help I enjoy doing that often as I know this is my calling, my dream is to take this global.”

Watch out for MC Ellis Wynston-Boye at an event in Ghana, the United States, or visit www.shorthandsomeboy.com to contract him. He’s also on Facebook and Instagram as shorthandsomeboy.

Written by Oral Ofori

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