Don Dada drops eight-track album

South Africa-based Zimbabwean artiste, Don Dada, pictured, has released an eight-track album titled Alkebulan, which celebrates the vibrancy of the African continent. All the tracks except one on the new  album, being distributed by the late reggae  superstar Bob Marley’s record label, Tuff  Gong, were produced by Jamaican musician Leroy Scarlett.

Don Dada told the Daily News that the new  album was geared towards changing the narra tive of the negative events that affect Africa. 

“I want to help build a united and powerful  Africa, an Africa full of citizens filled with  self-pride, love, hope, peace, reconciliation  and unity.

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“I featured Jessica Mbengeni — one of  South Africa’s most sought-after female im 

bongi (praise Singer) — to invoke the role of  this ancient tradition so as to bring the feeling,  vibes and soul of Africa into the album,” said  the Zimbabwe-born musician. 

Don Dada

He hailed the distribution of the album by  Tuff Gong as a symbolic recognition of the  late Bob Marley’s efforts to unite Africans. 

“It is my first full album to be distributed  through Tuff Gong International. I found it  appropriate to share this body of work through  Tuff Gong as the first call I ever hear for  Africa to Unite was by Bob Marley. It’s a call  from the heart. 

“Jamaican musician Leroy Scarlett of  Reggae Power House Band produced seven of  the eight tracks. The eighth track, Here We Go  Again was produced by Zimbabwean Gerald  “Fashalz” Mushaike,” Don Dada said. 

Other tracks on the album are Message  from AfriKa, Alkebulan, Who Dem Are Run  From, Spirit of Afrika, Love Is a Universal  Language as well as the tracks Sweetie Lavo  and Jah Is Good, featuring South African  

artiste Seed Under. Sweetie Lavo brings the  feelings of a township wedding vibe.  Don Dada, who plays reggae and hip-hop,  has been making waves in South Africa where  he owns a studio called RuFF CuTT. A couple  of years ago, his song Viva Mandela was  certified platinum by the Recording Industry  of South Africa. 

Despite being based in South Africa for  over two decades, Don Dada still cherishes his  Zimbabwean roots. 

“I was the first Zimbabwean in 1993 (after  a big fight) to learn in a government school  (Avondale Primary) with dreadlocks…I still  have the hair that I was born with to this day. 

“My connection to Zimbabwe is men tioned in most of my songs and I visit yearly.  I am friends with Zimbabwean artistes like  Mc Chita Herby Dangerous and many others.  I think Zimbabwean artistes are extremely  talented and their song writing is second to  none,” said Don Dada. 

Source: Daily News

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