Opportunities: Creatives, Artists, Musicians, and Instrumentalists amidst COVID-19

Updates with regard to the opportunities available for African music professionals amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Call for applications: Educational video producers
Application deadline: 8 January 2021

The Music In Africa Foundation (MIAF), a non-profit organisation operating in the field of African music, is partnering with Goethe-Institut to introduce a new initiative – the Music In Africa Sound Connects Fund. The MIAF seeks to appoint a Regional Coordinator for the fund. READ MORE

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Music In Africa Foundation (MIAF) is inviting instrument makers and video producers across Africa to apply for an opportunity to produce a series of short educational videos focusing on traditional African instruments. We invite video producers with expertise in making high-quality educational content to submit proposals. The videos will be used purely for educational purposes. READ MORE


Call for applications: Sound Connects Fund Grants Officer
Application deadline: 9 January 2021

The Music In Africa Foundation (MIAF), a non-profit organisation operating in the field of African music, is partnering with Goethe-Institut to introduce a new initiative – the Music In Africa Sound Connects Fund. The MIAF seeks to appoint a Grants Officer for the fund. READ MORE 


Call for applications: 2021 Creative Force programme in Sweden
Application deadline: 17 January 2021

The Swedish Institute is calling on international organisations to apply for the Creative Force programme to be held in 2021. The Swedish organisation and its international partner can apply for up to 100 000 Swedish krona (about $10 000). READ MORE


Call for applications: Digital art projects
Application deadline: 15 December 2020

The British Council has launched the DICE Digital R&D fund to support the delivery of digital experiences that, among other objectives, will explore new ways of engaging with audiences. A total of 20 pairs of organisations will receive funding ranging between £7 000 ($9 400) and £15 000. READ MORE


Call for submissions: Choral Composition Competition in the UK
Submission deadline: 22 March 2021

The UK’s Chiswick Choir is calling on composers around the world to submit entries for its 2021 Choral Composition Competition. A shortlist of up to six entrants will be chosen and notified no later than 12 April 2021. READ MORE


Call for entries: Animated film fest in Czech Republic
Submission deadline: 31 December 2020

The International Festival of Animated Films (ANIFILM) is calling on filmmakers, animators and computer-game developers around the world to submit music videos, animated films and abstract videos, among others, for the 2021 edition of the event in Liberec, Czech Republic, from 4 to 9 May 2021. READ MORE


Call for entries: 2021 Zimbabwe Music Awards
Submission deadline: 31 December 2020

The organisers of the Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMAs) are calling on artists to submit entries ahead of the award ceremony at The Country Club in Harare on 6 February. All recordings ­– singles, albums and videos ­– submitted for the 2021 ZIMAs must have been commercially released (in other words, first made available for purchase) in Zimbabwe from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020. READ MORE


Call for applications: Art for Social Change grant in Egypt
Application deadline: Ongoing

Teens Club, a youth-led institution based in Cairo, Egypt, is accepting applications for the second phase of the Art for Social Change programme. Successful applicants will receive full project funding. READ MORE


Call for applications: All-Around Culture programme for Arab countries
Application deadline: 7 January 2021

Culture Resource, in collaboration with the European Union, has launched a call for its All-Around Culture programme. The call primarily targets cultural and artistic entities that are based and/or are actively engaged with wide and diverse audiences beyond the urban centres. READ MORE


Call for entries: WOMEX competition for music producers
Submission deadline: 13 January 2021

WOMEX, in partnership with Native Instruments, is inviting professional and aspiring producers to participate in the global Metapop remix competition. The top three winners will be selected by New York-based Wonderwheel Records founder, producer and WOMEX 20 Club Summit artist Nickodemus. READ MORE


Call for applications: 2021 Marafiki Festival in Tanzania 
Application deadline: 28 February 2021

The organisers of the Marafiki Festival are accepting applications from African musicians ahead of the event in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, between 7 and 9 October 2021. Applications are open to all artists playing live music. READ MORE


Call for applications: Arts fellowship in Belgium 
Application deadline: 5 January 2021

Needcompany, an independent theatre group and organisation, is accepting applications for its Mill’s Beauty Reality Salon fellowship in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Belgium, between February and December 2021. Financial support worth Є10 000 ($11 800) will be granted to one or several artists who have developed an independent body of work over a number of years. READ MORE


Call for applications: Film Empowerment Programme in Kenya 
Application deadline: 18 December 2020 

The Kenya Film Commission (KFC) is calling on its members to apply for the Film Empowerment Programme. The programme promotes and develops local content through the provision of film and video-related funding. The fund may take the form of a grant, investment or loan. READ MORE


Call for applications: Artist residency in New York
Application deadline: 18 December 2020 

The Amant Foundation in the US is seeking applications from artists working in a wide range of disciplines for its international residency programme in New York during the 2021-22 period. Selected participants will receive a monthly stipend of $3 000 to offset the costs of accommodation, transport and day-to-day expenses. READ


Call for applications: Festival managers’ workshop in Uganda
Application deadline: 15 December 2020

The Bayimba Foundation and the Festival Academy, an initiative of the European Festivals Association, are accepting applications for the 18th edition of Atelier for Young Festival Managers event that will take place in Kampala, Uganda, between 7 and 13 August 2021. READ MORE 


Call for applications: 2021 Marahaba Music Expo in Burundi
Application deadline: 10 February 2021 

African artists can now apply for an opportunity to perform at the 2021 edition of Marahaba Music Expo (MME) in Bujumbura, Burundi, on 30 to 31 July. The event’s programme includes live performances, workshops and panel discussions. READ MORE


Call for applications: Stand for Art programme in Arab countries
Application deadline: Applications are on-going and will be assessed on a rolling basis 

Culture Resource, a non-profit organisation that supports artistic creativity in the Arab world, is accepting applications for the second round of its Stand for Art programme. Applicants must originate from Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine and Yemen. READ MORE


Call for applications: All-Around Culture programme for Arab countries 
Application deadline is 25 December 2020

Tunisian cultural association L’Art Rue, in collaboration with the European Union, has launched a call for their All-Around Culture programme for youth‐led cultural and civic initiatives. A total of 32 selected applicants will receive a research grant of up to €3 000 as a lump sum. READ MORE

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