A Plain Text Resume Template Just Might Get You That Job

With attention spans on the lower side and resumes being fed through Applicant Tracking Systems, candidates today need to pack more punch in less time and words. The best way to fight your way to the top of the resume database is through a plain text resume and resume optimization.

Recent studies show that our attention spans have decreased significantly since the smartphone boom. Nowadays, human attention spans have fallen to around eight seconds (one second shorter than a goldfish) – down from 12 seconds in 2000. Recruiters and hiring managers are taking even shorter to scan through resumes. And that is if the resume makes it past the applicant tracking system.

Reduce the stylish and designed antics on resumes, keep it simple.

Applicant tracking systems are recruitment software to help companies recruit candidates. The ATS scans resumes from top to bottom in order to pick up certain key terms that match the job description, much like a search engine with a properly optimized website. This process collects candidate qualifications and job information to identify most qualified candidates within the applicant pool.

With 75 percent of big companies, 60 percent of smaller companies, utilizing an ATS, a plain text resume template is more important than ever – for every position in every industry. All job seekers need to take the time to tailor their resumes to the job description.

Optimize your skills section to match job requirements, and place this section at the top. Tailor your past job responsibilities with that of the job description. Between the skills section, your experience, and even your interests, there is plenty of opportunity to optimize your resume and engage the ATS with a plain text resume template.

For creative and design job seekers, less is more. The styling and formatting of your resume is not indicative of your qualifications.

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While the first thought would be to showcase abilities from the start by designing a resume, design candidates will have a much better job search experience by keeping job search materials simple and submitting a plain text resume. Submitting a designed resume can create errors within the ATS increasing the risk of going unseen.

What is a creative candidate to do with a plain text resume template?

Canvas your experience, and develop a stellar online portfolio. Share the portfolio link at the top of your plain text resume to help your portfolio and skills gain visibility from hiring managers and recruiters.

Profiles present this champion plain text resume template for a knockout chance at beating the ATS and getting the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. Good luck with your search!

Source: Career Profiles

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