Occupy Ghana Embassy demonstration organizer in DC talks

On July 23, 2014 a section of Ghanaians living in the east coast of the United States of America (USA) gathered at the embassy of Ghana in Washington DC to demonstrate against what they say is bad governance that has brought economic woes to the people of Ghana.

The demonstration was organized by Kwaku Boateng of Woodbridge Virginia in the USA. Kwaku granted #TheAfricanDream an interview to talk about the reasons behind the demonstration and measures that were suggested by his group to help Ghana come out of her present economic predicaments.

“This is not about politics, this is about nation building and if we can look beyond our political affiliations and realize that Ghana belongs to Ghanaians and not political parties, we can then truly begin to embark on that journey to get us to that place we truly need to be as a people” Kwaku says.

Find out more about Kwaku and some of the things we talked about in the video below. Feel free to share or comment and wherever you are, #TheAfricanDream thanks you for your positive role in the quest for a better Ghana.

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