Wiyaala speaks of new video, Rocky Dawuni and acting

Noella Wiyaala, the mlti-talented and multi-award winning Ghanaian singer, songwriter and actress recently granted TheAfricanDream.net an exclusive interview in which she talked about her new music-video, what inspired it and her recent venturings into the world of movie acting.

Wiyaala in YouTube screengrab from her video Leno

The new video titled ‘Leno’ which means ‘This Place’ was directed by Charlotte Appleton for Djimba World Production and is to be released February 1, 2016. ’Leno’ will be the third single to be released from Wiyaala’s eponymous album.

According to Noella Wiyaala, the video was shot on location in East Yorkshire in the historic city of York in the UK. She talks more on it and starring in the movie ‘No Man’s Land’ set to premiere on February 13, 2016 at the Silverbird Cinemas, Accra Mall and Westhills Mall at 6pm and 9pm GMT respectively in Ghana.

Q: Tell us a bit about the song Leno and what inspired it?

Leno is inspired by love – let’s go to “This Place” where we can experience the power of love.

Q: Where was the video for Leno shot and why was that location chosen?

The video was shot in the East Riding area of Yorkshire in early January 2016. The location was chosen because I was already visiting the UK and the opportunity presented itself to shoot in another country. Up to this point all my videos have been shot in Ghana, so when the opportunity to do something different presented itself, I certainly took advantage!

Q: What is the story behind the video?

The spirit of love is all around us. A young man (Neil Tattersall) in former times is going about his business when he hears a beautiful female voice emanating from the forest. Seduced by the enchanting song, he enters the forest in search of the source and comes face to face with a mysteriously beautiful African woman (Wiyaala) with whom he falls in love at first sight. She leads him to “This Place” (Leno) where he experiences the overwhelming forces of love…

Q: How does the concept for the video applies to today’s society?

Love is a universal theme for all religions, all generations, all races and all ages in this conflicted world.

Q: You recently performed with Rocky Dawuni in Ghana, what was the feeling like to have shared the stage with Ghana’s first Grammy nominee?

Yes, I did indeed performed with Rocky Dawuni at his Homecoming Concert in Accra, Ghana and it was a huge privilege. I could not have imagined such a thing a year ago. Rocky’s Grammy nomination is a testimony of what can be achieved by Ghanaian musicians. I am proud of him. Let’s support him. I call on the DJs, radio stations and TV to play the songs on his Grammy nominated album ‘Branches of The Same Tree‘ and create a movement in Ghana in support of his shining example. He is one of our “Black Stars”!

Q: Talk a bit about your interest in acting and how you feel about your cameo in the Salma Mumin production titled ‘No Man’s Land’?

I have always been a performer and I have always considered acting as just one aspect of performing. So when I was offered the role I read the script and saw its central theme was to show the uselessness of conflict and the power of reconciliation — I was hooked. The director; Pascal Amanfo, was very helpful with acting advice and I hope he got the performance he was looking for.

Q: Anything else you want to put out there?

Yes, I just want my fans in Ghana to know that although my career is beginning to take me out of Ghana, I will never forget where I came from. Although you might see me doing all kinds of different things in my art, off-stage, I am still that same girl from the Upper West region of Ghana!

Check out the teaser for Wiyaala’s new video below and find out more about her on her website Wiyaala.com.

Written by Oral Ofori

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