Milecent Foundation appoints new Board of Trustees & Executive Officers

Milecent Foundation has announced the appointment of new Board of Trustees and Executive Officers following its online induction ceremony on August 28th.

According to the Nigerian-based foundation, the new Trustees and Executives are appointed for a three-year term expected to last from August 2022 to August 2025.

Since its founding in 2018, the organisation has centred its humanitarian activities on enhancing people’s general well-being, particularly in the areas of sex, health, and lifestyle.

It has coordinated charitable giving for both individuals and groups, organised free medical screenings, and promoted sex education on talk shows, radio, local communities and schools.

In his opening speech at the induction ceremony, Okolo Ikechukwu Innocent, founder & Board Chairman of Milecent Foundation, recognised the presence of “every volunteer and interest groups who have given their time to be here at this moment” calling the day “a very special day.”

“What we are doing is trying to expand our ability to serve our communities and carry on our humanitarian efforts. These inductees in particular are all with hearts of gold, and hopefully we hope that they enjoy the foundation’s pride of service and the gift of lasting and meaningful friendship. This is truly a cause for celebration,” said Okolo in his interview with

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Board Members

Milecent Foundation’s Board of Trustees (August 2022 – August 2025)
  1. Okolo Ikechukwu Innocent (Founder & Board Chairman) is an award-winning Health practitioner, a multi-talented educator and also the CEO of Milecent Health.
  2. Mrs Adetunji Nofisat Akinleye (Board Secretary) is the CEO of Kinnade Ventures. She is an entrepreneur, with a certificate in healthcare and ultrasonography.
  3. Mrs Nweke Florence ijeoma (Board member) is an award winning community Health worker with over 5 years experience in private and government sectors. Her impact has grown over the years and won her grants for community projects in Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria.
  4. Mrs Ugomma Deborah Ogu (Board member) is a Software Engineer/Tech Mentor. She is the co-founder of Stematic Learning Solutions, an organization centered on creating local content materials for learning in children. She served as the first National Secretary of the YALI-RLC Alumni, Nigeria Chapter and has been a serial community volunteer for over 15 years.
  5. Chinonso Obiagwu (Board member) is the CEO Stemme Baby Care Nigeria. He has made an impact in the Baby Care Products industry in Nigeria. He is a baby bed manufacturer & founder of E-commerce platform He is also social change maker who advocate for improved Leadership in Nigeria through His “Equity Eagle” Movement.
  6. Mrs Josephine N. Obiukwu (Board member) is a Telemetry Monitor Technician in USA. She has made huge impact in different organizations through her field.
  7. Idris Adeleye (Board member) is the founder of Tripxtasy, a tourism tech startup in Nigeria. He is growth-oriented, project-operations manager with an Agricultural Engineering background. He has a track record of delivering process improvement programs, strategies, and innovation which has helped organizations reach desirable metrics.

Executive Officers

Milecent Foundation’s Executive Officers (August 2022 – August 2025)
  1. Abeeb Lekan Sodiq (Media & Publicity Officer), also known as Arakunrin Lekan, is a Managing Editor in TheAfricanDream LLC, a U.S. based news, media & communications consultancy firm. He’s also a graphics designer and a writer. He holds a degree in Human Resources Management (HRM).
  2. Tiletile Roadat Temitope (Welfare Officer) is a serial volunteer making impact through volunteering for different organizations. She is passionate, and open-minded about humanitarian work and ready to sacrifice her skills to make impact in the society.
  3. Jimoh Shamsideen Olamide (Program Officer) is a great humantarian in strategies and community projects. He is a serial volunteer and has worked for many organizations in making impacts in hard to reach communities in Lagos State, Nigeria.
  4. Mr Uwuba Nicholas (Fundraising & Partnership Officer) is an experienced coordinator & program manager with a demonstrated working profile in civic & humanitarian sector. He is the Founder of Nivans Initiative for Peace and Development, an organization focused on promoting peace, integrity and good governance in Nigeria.
  5. Onyeneke Jane (Chief Health Officer) is a renowned medical practitioner with years of experience in private and social space. Her motivation is to see a better healthcare system in Nigeria.
  6. Miss Raheem Oluwadamilola (Advocacy & Sensitisation Officer ) is a Public Administrator. She is motivated and passionate about Public Administration, Public Policy and Media.


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