Memoirs of an iBlogger

By Oral Ofori

Here is a 20+ minute audio account of why I do what I do as a blogger, how I started and what I hope to achieve in my pursuit of #TheAfricanDream. If you have the time kindly listen to the audio on Soundcloud and please leave a comment or send me an email to let me know what your thoughts are.

Feel free to also share this with your friends as I could use constructive critiques because the last time I checked–I am still a student of life and perfection has eluded me.

Thanks for your support all this while, you are awesome!
If you know of someone or something you would like me to feature here on my blog then do not hesitate to contact me and let’s see what we could do about it.
You are the reason I do what I do, Yes. You. Reading right now! For those who support my writing I say a big thank you wherever you are at this moment and apologize for not writing this piece. I figured I’d give you an idea of what I sound like and in the process get to develop a more personal friendship with you so don’t hesitate to reach out.
Sincerely yours,
D’Oforilicious blogster,
AKA the iBlogger.
PS: Find me on

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