In memory of Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Komla Dumor

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This video was made to celebrate the lives of Nelson Mandela; former South African President, Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr; civil rights advocate and all who believe in #TheAfricanDream or have in diverse ways worked to ensure fair and equal opportunities for humans everywhere. It is also dedicate to the life and memory of Komla Dumor; ace Ghanaian BBC TV journalist who died January 18, 2014.

Since there is a lot of talk in the video below about Nelson Mandela and Dr. King Jr., I’d like to take a bit of time to eulogize Komla Dumor who was the main presenter of the BBC World News program Focus on Africa. Komla died of a cardiac arrest on Saturday January 18, 2014. Below is my tribute:

It was the fullness of joy with which he accepted tasks he was given, no matter how daunting, that gave the world the legacy of Komla today.

It is also that which enabled #KomlaDumor, right from #JoyFM in Accra to modernize the face of journalism in #Ghana. He told the story of #TheAfricanDream like no one else and gave the world a newer and better scope through which to view Africa. Life is too short not to share one’s gifts and talents with humanity no matter how tasking it might be to do one’s duties. Komla, mind you, was not one to say no to a challenge–he will always remain in my eye a selfless man who commanded great respect!

We hope you are motivated by the video and that you share or also feel free to comment.

Thanks for making all this a reality Riaan Oppelt, WPAATV and Rexford Nkansah.

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