Fashion 101: The Little Black Dress

The eyes of Coco Chanel brought forth the design and allure of the Little Black Dress now affably known as the “LBD” in the 1920s. Known to be loved and favored by all fashion enthusiasts, it was designed primarily to please and flutter the female body.

Created with an avid ambition, the LBD is an evening or cocktail dress, usually of a simple cut and often quite short. The attraction of the LBD is that it is long lasting, versatile, affordable and widely accessible hence it’s simple referral as the LBD.

The color ‘black’ was chosen to suit this look and design because over the centuries, black was associated with the upper echelons and represented immense wealth, especially among the Spanish Aristocrats and Dutch merchants. In the early days as well, the color black represented romance and artistry and is famously recognized as a very poetic color.

One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a little Black Dress

Karl Lagerfeld (German creative director & fashion designer)

It is considered one of the most essential items to make a complete wardrobe. Throughout its history, every fashion enthusiast advises every woman, ladies and young girls of the necessity and charisma that comes with owning a little black dress. In simple terms, every woman should own at least an elegant pair of the LBD.

Besides its magnetic simplicity and versatility, the LBD can be styled differently to leave a fantastic impression. It can be worn with denim jackets and sneakers for a casual look and can also be transformed into an elegant evening look with either a mink jacket, stilettos or floor length leather jacket to create an edge and cut throats.

The success of the LBD has led many other designers known and unknown to create various forms of it. Recent designs of the LBD boast of backless styles as well as lace and velour inspired looks. Although the LBD of recent times differs from its rich origins, its true allure still holds forth and continuously proves the point of being both versatile and affordable.

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The success of the LBD led the iconic actress Audrey Hepburn to attain more popularity when she appeared in a simple yet beautifully cut Givenchy LBD in the famous film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. As well as Betty Boop, a cartoon character famously also known for her little black dress. Also in 1994, Diana, Princess of Wales wore a Christina Stambolian version of the little black dress, now famously termed as “the revenge dress” to a Vanity Fair summer party.

The impression the little black dress had on the world is lasting and through the varying styles and definition, it shall forever remain the “IT” factor in the style of women and what a woman should own. From elegant designs of Chanel, Dior and Dolce and Gabbana to the futuristic styles of Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga, the Little Black Dress will never go out of style.

Source: Vogue

Written by Charles Kwesi Nimako Junior | Edited by Arakunrin Lekan

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