Ghanaian-born surgeon ‘to help Gorilla Glue woman’

Dr Michael Obeng, a top Ghanaian-American plastic surgeon, has offered to help a woman whose story of a hair mishap has captured the attention and sympathy of many online, a CBSN Los Angeles TV station has reported.

Tessica Brown shared a video on TikTok last week saying she had used Gorilla Glue instead of hairspray to hold her hair in place.

The waterproof glue is usually used for fixing bathroom tiles, wood flooring and decking.

Tessica Brown to left in picture with Dr. Obeng

In the video Ms Brown said her ordeal started about a month ago and that she had tried several things to remove the glue but all had failed.

“When I found out this was a reality, you can only feel compassion and sympathy for Tessica,” Dr Obeng told CBSN.

“We are going to look for signs for chemical burns, and we have the solutions to stop burning if we identify them… This is gonna be done under general anaesthesia so that she doesn’t have any pain at all,” he added.

The plastic surgeon said he had “reached out” to Ms Tessica and was planning to remove the glue, and save her hair, with a special chemical treatment.

The Harvard-trained, Beverly Hills-based doctor even said he would do the treatment, which costs more than $12,000 (£8,000), for free, CBSN reported.

Dr Obeng specialises in cosmetic surgery and, according to his website, he is the founder of Restoring Emotional Stability Through Outstanding Reconstructive Efforts (Restore), a charity which offers free reconstructive surgery in developing nations and trains local physicians.

Source: BBC

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