Create Change help Girls in Northern Ghana Crowdfund for High School Education

About Create Change
Create Change Foundation became a registered charity in Canada in 2008. Since its inception, in Northern Ghana it has had the following impact:
Create Change Foundation plans to become 100% financially self-sufficient by 2020 through the launching of a series of social enterprises in Ghana. Its vision is to one day be completely managed by the girls it supports.

1,200 girls to high school and University, improved education in 20 primary schools and 25,000 people with access to clean water


Our Campaign & Why it is unique
This campaign is groundbreaking as we are girls who have come from extreme poverty, overcome the odds and are now using crowdfunding to give other girls in Northern Ghana the chance to attend senior high school. We are recent high school graduates ourselves and were able to graduate because we were sponsored through Create Change Foundation by people just like you.

The one thing, however, we have not been empowered to do is to fundraise. If this campaign is successful, it will mean that you have seen our passion and believe in our cause, to send over 150 girls like us to high school.

Watch the girls tell their own stories in the video below.

Why We Need Your Help

We know the difference that attending high school has made in our lives, and we want to extend this opportunity to as many young girls as we can. We know all too well the alternative, to get married, have children at a young age, and to continue the cycle of poverty. We will have hundreds of girls and their mothers lining up outside our office by the end of August, and we want to be able to help as many girls as we can to continue their education.

Some facts about Northern Ghana and why it’s so important we support girls’ high school education: 42% of people live in extreme poverty, 18% of women are literate, high school costs $300 a year and the average family makes $500.

Ways To Help

If you are not able to donate, then consider sharing our campaign with your networks, to help us reach our goal! You can help us to share our message by:


Send an E-mail to your friends introducing our campaign or share via the Facebook and Twitter buttons below

SPREAD THE HASHTAG — #AfricanGirlsCrowdfund or #OwnOurFuture

Use this hashtag on social media to help get the word out


Forward this on to the journalists and bloggers you know that might be interested in writing about our story: that we want to extend the magic of crowdfunding as a tool to some of the world’s most marginalized people, African girls living in extreme poverty.

Get more info in this link.

Find out more about Create Change visit their website at

Source: Create Change

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