A New Political Fruit I Bring: Let’s Multiply & Fill Ghana With It – Nii Amu Darko

Many believe money is crucial to defeat the Siamese twins and save Ghana. I do not think so. Not at all.

To rescue the perishing, three things are inescapable:

1. Time or patience – tsuishitoo ji kunimyeli. Patience is victory or conceptually, patience begets victory. Nyame mmre ni yɛ mmre pa. God’s time is the best. Yesterday, a classmate in the US queried, why didn’t you run? I woke up this morning to read a message from a colleague in South Africa, “didn’t you say you were going to run? Most people forget that every system has an expiry date and the elements of Providence work on that principle. God Himself works on the principle of “at the fullness of time.’’ The expiry date of a rejected system is tied in with the maturation of the replacement system. The changeover must be seamless. God rejected Saul and anointed David, but the changeover took several years to occur.

2. Capture the intellectual space. Knowledge gives you the power to know what to do. Smartness gives you the power to know how to do it. Knowledge in my view therefore is not the same as smartness. I put knowledge and smartness together as the intellectual space. For anyone to effect change properly and sustainably, he must occupy the intellectual space. In fact, he must create, occupy, and own the space. His name must be synonymous with the space.  That is what King David, and his son Solomon did. That is what Apostle Paul did. That is what Tutu/Anokye did. That is what Tetteh Quarshie did. That is what Castro did. That is what Pele did. That is what Maradona did. That is what Azumah did. Mention their names and there is no argument; the applause is universal and unanimous. That is my agenda – to create and own a new political space to transform Ghana. Mention my name and immediately, Afremocracy, Economic Federalism and Fakefa will pop up. There should be no argument about what fruit is being talked about. Yes, I have created a new political fruit. It is about time we start spreading it. Ghana needs to be saved.

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3. Multiply the fruit – When Tetteh Quarshie brought cocoa to our land, he tried it for 3 years in Osu, it did not work. He eventually moved to Mampong, and it was a good move. After 6years, he harvested the first fruits. He did not keep the 1st fruit but rather shared it so that it may multiply several folds. And it did multiply and filled the whole nation. Cocoa, then made our country, a viable state. Tetteh Quarshie, faced his challenges and subdued them. Everyone got to face some challenges. If one strategy does not work, you move to the next one. If Osu does not work, move to your Mampong. Thou sluggard, go to Tetteh Quarshie, consider his ways and be wise. To overcome challenges and progress takes TIME. Never forget the fundamental blessing: be FRUITFUL MULTIPLY, FILL THE EARTH and SUBDUE IT. I have the 1st fruit, but I need others in the multiplication process; to spread the fruits everywhere. Paraphrasing Mordecai’s query of Esther; do you know whether you were born in the kingdom as such a time for this purpose? Do you know why you are a Ghanaian at this point in time?

A Professor friend of mine advised me after this election to join one of the failed Siamese twins because according to him, a 3rd party cannot do ‘’shelen.’’ My answer was simple:

According to the University of Ghana Political Science Dept pre-election survey, only 56% of Ghanaians firmly belong to the Siamese twins. It means 44% have no political home. The harvest is plenty indeed, but the harvesters are few. Professor Banza pray to the Lord of the harvest to send more harvesters. Do not talk nonsense to me.

Elections must be won on MESSAGE, not MONEY. It is pure stupidity for me to put my name on a ballot paper when I know my message has not percolated to the grassroots. Nobody believes without hearing. That is why I need messengers to carry and multiply the 1st fruit. The template was set up 2000years ago by Apostle Paul in Romans 10: 14-15 building upon Isaiah 52:7

14 How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? 15 And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written:

“How beautiful on the mountain are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace,

Who bring glad tidings of good things!”

Who says to Ghana, ‘’Your God reigns.’’ Isaiah 52:7

Be a mountain (not valley) messenger with a message of happiness, hope, peace, & prosperity for Ghana.

Join the Movement.

Our God Reigns.

Nii Amu Darko

President, ARM


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