Fakefa – Afremocracy Ababiom – Dr.Nii Amu Darko

Fakefa (fa-kɛ-fa) in Ga or Fanefa in Twi means half-and-half or 50-50. Fakefa is the political permutation that we need not only to solve our present political quagmire but to prevent the eventual collapse of the political union called Ghana. This is the new book from my stable coming to your neighborhood bookshop.

A quagmire created by a constitution:

1. That does not anticipate problems.
2. That does not solve problems.
3. That has created virtually all our problems.

A constitution that gives a President free pass to appoint as many judges he likes to the Supreme Court, is useless. Now, every Ghanaian believes that whatever case is brought up against the government and its agencies, the Supreme Court will rule in favour of the government. Do you call this a democracy? I don’t.

Einstein said something decades ago: Geniuses prevent problems and intelligent people solve problems. I add, and fools create problems. We have a foolish constitution.

Dr. Nii Amu Darko — File photo

Fakefa is the response to the call for a constitutional arrangement that will prevent future problems and solve current difficulties. Afremocracy ababiom in Twi means – Afremocracy (defined as “democracy brewed in the African pot) is born-again or reincarnated or simply its 2nd edition.

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Fakefa is the 2nd edition of Afremocracy. It was written with a prophetic insight into the December 2020 elections, predicting the near paralysis we are facing now with the ” no loser” elections emanating from the kindergarten or subprimary electoral commission.

The 2-party system has collapsed. Ghanaians know that but they cannot see a way out of it as the “battered woman sydrome” typically has locked down to the 2  oppressive Siamese twins. Fakefa provides the way out. 

Those who have edited parts of the manuscript know exactly what I am talking about. It is the bedrock of the coming 5th Republic, the promise of hope for our age of enlightenment. We can’t afford to fail ourselves.

To keep you in the loop, I produce below the table of contents. Every minutiae is dealt with in Fakefa.

Fasten your belts! The turbulence is about to begin.





Chapter One –    Sources of Inspiration
Chapter Two –    The Electoral Commission
Chapter Three – The National Executive
Chapter Four –   The National Legislature
Chapter Five –    The National Judiciary
Chapter Six –      The National Security
Chapter Seven – National Traditional Authority
Chapter Eight – The State Government
Chapter Nine –    The Council of State
Chapter Ten –      Fakefa in Diagrams

Written by: Dr. Nii Amu Darko, President, ARM

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