THE TRIAL OF DONALD J. TRUMP – Earl Ankrah Uncovers A Clumsy Witch-Hunt

We may scold 45 all we want, but technically and in all fairness, Trump hasn’t broken any electoral laws, has he?

First off, conceding is all cute and cuddly and has become the norm. But it’s not a constitutional requirement, is it? Forget McCain’s, Romney’s and Hillary’s concessions. Bush Snr’s concession can be tagged as the most emotionally demanding, and therefore the most magnanimous of all recent concessions, as he, like Trump now, was an incumbent who lost a bitter bid for a second term. So we may want to consider taking the heat down a notch on Trump, knowing he’s not your regular DC politician; not to mention his all too consistent whims and caprices.

Secondly, the cut-off date for settling all outstanding electoral disputes is still far off – 8th December. So Trump is well within his rights to cry foul, (or wolf) all he wants, between now and then, even if he has no evidence. The decision is the court’s to make, not ours.

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during the swear-in ceremony for Neil Gorsuch as an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, D.C., on April 10, 2017. MANDEL NGAN/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Point 3: If the matter ends up on the laps of SCOTUS, as Trump wills, and they strike out his shenanigans, good. And if they annul the people’s will and make a ruling that overturns the election in Trump’s favour, that’s also good for Americans. After all, it’s their constitution that grants SCOTUS that much power. Yes, it’s super-loaded with Conservatives, three of which were Trump appointees. But last time I checked, they were all legitimately appointed.

  1. The Electoral Votes have to be formalized on December 14th. That’s not Trump’s call; it’s the law. So why pester him to concede to EVs that are yet to be cast? And whiles at it, even if all the electors toss it all to Trump, irrespective of how “the people” voted, they would only get fired for the violation, but would have elected Trump anyway. Thence to the House on 6th January, where if there’s a gridlock, the senate or eventually Pence get to decide who “the chosen one” should be. Again, that can’t be a Trump offence or an offence at all for that matter. It’s actually the law.

He’s only a beneficiary of a self-righteous system. Whoever didn’t exploit it previously made a choice. Trump has a choice too. Not bending the knee is a choice. After all, winter is coming; let’s remain calm and see how things climax on Jan 20th.

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We tend to accuse DJT of everything, but a single crime: Not paying taxes; appointing his children; pushing gov’t deals to his private businesses; not denouncing white supremacists and extremist groups; not respecting immigrants, women and Africans; dissing the press, talking to Russians in an election year, hugging a flag, clutching a bible, not wearing a mask, appointing a Supreme Court judge, pardoning a criminal; holding a rally during a pandemic, dancing on a pandemic, disputing results, opting to go to court… His adversaries keep piling over him like famished White Walkers, for no offense committed.

Calling for his head for lapses such as these is like demanding the arrest of a teacher for watching porn in his car during break; or pushing for the arrest of a driver for enjoying x-rated hip hop and chewing gum whiles driving. Uncouth, yes; but not unlawful.

Imposing our “morality” on someone who doesn’t share our values, is as dangerous, if not more dangerous than the very morals we’re trying to uproot. That’s no different from Talibans slaughtering an “infidel” for not sharing their belief.

Yes, Trump can be an a**, but he’s been playing within the rules as structured by the US Constitution.

Demonizing him for being different or attempting to ‘redeem‘ him to suit our purposes, is the original sin, not the remedy.

Liberals flaunt their diversity in all its glory: Whites, Blacks, Asians, Latina, Native Americans, straights, LGBTQ, immigrants, Christians, Moslems… Could that list at least make room for just one more demographic? – The so-called “Deplorables“?

Maybe it’s about time we laid down our torches and pitchforks and quit gauging Trump from the prisms of our flawed cognitive biases.

Propably the sore loser in this ‘law‘ vs ‘lore‘ White House game may not be Trump after all.

What’s that saying again?
Don’t hate the player…”

Written by Earl Ankrah | earlankrah@hotmail.com | Facebook: earlankrah | Twitter: @earlankrah

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