Yasus Afari & MiK “Plain and Simple” song set for June 4 Virtual Launch

The Empowering Father-Daughter Duo – Inspiring, Women, Children, and The Family

With the rapid decline of the family values in Jamaica and the world, which is evident in the attack on women, children, and the family, “Plain and Simple” is a welcomed track that provides a well-needed breath of fresh air from Jamaican music legend Yasus Afari, and his daughter MiK.

This very peculiar and unprecedented father-daughter collaboration is creating an inspirational wave of admiration, love, and support across the world. The interest and excitement are being propelled by the MiK’s ‘Plain And Simple’ Challenge, with hashtags #PlainAndSimple, #Empowerment, and #PlainAndSimpleChallenge across online multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Tik Tok.

Plain and Simple virtual launch poster with Yasus and MiK

The #PlainAndSimple challenge devised by the daughter of Yasus Afari was generally the idea of MiK to promote and draw attention to the single which bears the same name. “We are pleasantly surprised by the 1,000s of people supporting the Plain and Simple Movement,” MiK said to TheAfricanDream.net with her father adding that “It’s rapidly becoming a ‘Plain and Simple Village’ out here as we see that challenge taken on by people from all walks of lives including children from the UK and the US respectively, Canada, Europe, Africa, the wider Caribbean and here at home in Jamaica.”

Written and Performed by the Father and Daughter Team, MiK-YA

The admirable, heartwarming chemistry is evident in the synergy between Yasus and his 9-year-old daughter, Mikaya, affectionately called Mik. Interestingly, “Plain & Simple” is written and performed by Yasus Afari & Mik, who recently filmed a music video for the very catchy song, which is growing in popularity online, thanks to the dramatic and compelling Plain and Simple challenge which was jointly created by the elated Father-Daughter Duo called MiK-YA.

Featured at Poetry in Motion, Jamaica Poetry Festival & Art of Life Magazines

MiK attends Mona Prep school in Jamaica where she is active in all areas of academics, extracurricular, and community life activities. She recently made her royal presence felt at both Poetry in Motion and Jamaica Poetry Festival. She has graced the pages of several issues of the Art of Life magazine. Recently MiK-YA jointly hosted the 18th annual Poetry in Motion 2021 festival. This was a virtual event, streamed Live from Manchester Golf Club, Mandeville, Jamaica on February 28th, 2021. 

MiK is simply amazing and on the Plain and Simple recording, which she also co-wrote, so she is evidently growing in confidence and outlook, inspired and empowered by the global public support via social media and traditional media for her work and the positive impact it is having.

Zero Tolerance to Violation – Plain & Simple 

With the unmistakable refrain in Jamaican Patois, “Oonu Cyaan Violate Fi Wi Temple! Mek Mi Tell Oonu Dat Plain & Simple!”, Yasus Afari and MiK have hit a cord of defiance in defense of women and children in the face of the current attacks against them. This mantra and the stance taken has ignited support as it seeks to empower women and children and embolden men to be protectors of them. 

Digital Release and Virtual Launch on Friday, June 4th, 2021

Right on the heels of the electrifying support, SenYAcum Records has joined forces with Zojak Worldwide for the release of the Plain and Simple single on Friday, June 4th, 2021. It shall then be available on all digital platforms, facilitated by the digital distribution agreement with Zojak Worldwide. 

The Virtual Launch will be at 11:30 AM, Jamaica time, and is the collaborative effort between Zojak Worldwide, SenYAcum Edutainment, and TheAfricanDream.net who are the publicist and US reps of Mik-Ya. The launch will be Live Streamed on all social media platforms via TheAfricanDream, Yasus Afari, Afari Yasus, Jamaica TvRadio, and @plainandsimpleja. The Plain & Simple video is being premiered at the launch along with the unveiling of the leading #PlainandSimple Challenge Contenders, plus a special guest.

Stay Tuned! Stay Plain & Simple!

Moving forward, we’re now putting you on notice to stay tuned for the empowerment and inspirational Duo Yasus Afari and Mik also known as MiK-YA!

Plain & Simple!

Source: Zojak, SenYAcum Edutainment & TheAfricanDream.net

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