Goldcoast Literacy Program Leaves Footprints in Mafi Yingor, Ghana

Under the new theme “We Love to Smile,” Goldcoast Literacy Program (GLP), a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving children’s literacy and changing the educational narrative in slums and rural Ghana, has launched a journey to bring smiles to the students of Mafi Yingor (Zongo) E.P Primary School.

Mafi Yingor is a village in Ghana’s Volta region, northeast of Mafi Seva. The team and volunteers of GLP, led by creator and curator Miss Daisy Mina Antwi, arrived on March 25th, 2022, announcing their presence to the community.

The kids hailed the shuttle with applause, and as the party disembarked, they were greeted by the sounds of drums and borborbor music, native to the region, creating an exhilarating atmosphere.

The team paid their respects to the village chief, Torgbe Kwasu Ganu and his elders, who in turn accepted the drink of homage presented by the group.

The chief, Torgbe Ganu led the group to the plot of land gifted to them by the community as support for the construction of an ultramodern ICT lab, which GLP has designated as one of their forthcoming projects in the region.

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The children continued to demonstrate their drumming and dancing talents while singing delightful tunes.

Miss Daisy opened the outreached with an address to the locals, giving them a brief history of GLP and the objective of the gathering after Irene, a student, said a prayer.

GLP team member, Mr Bernard Owuade, led the youngsters in a 25-minute discussion about the importance of reading.

Mr. Prince Forson, also a team member discussed the value of education and why students should give it their all. Miss Zenobia Beli, who served as the day’s interpreter, led the children in rhymes, and a dancing competition.

“This is my first time in Volta region and it being wonderful experience, I’m definitely coming back soon” said Miss Daisy expressing her ecstatic feeling about the reception from the locals.

Representing the foundation, Miss Daisy handed out stationeries, exercise books, doodling pads, story books, instant noodles, drinks and biscuits as an encouragement to the students. The rest of the items were given to their headteacher, Mr Seth Tsamenyi to share at his discretion.

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The students at Mafi Yingor (zongo) E.P elementary school showed satisfaction for the foundation’s program, and preferred that the group stay a few days longer, as well as the elders and teachers, who immensely thanked the crew for reaching out to them.

Madam Beauty Afi Kutrornu, mother of Julius Karl Fieve, the area’s assembly man and also the GLP’s point of contact with the community, welcomed the delegation to her house after the event and offered them hot ‘akple‘ served with a delectable okro soup.

As declared by the foundation, the next stop for the “We Love to Smile” outreach this year would be in Dambai, a town in the northern part of the Volta Region of Ghana, where they intend to gift smiles all over again.


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