Vaccination Debate: Waste of Everybody’s Time – Nii Amu

Dr. Alexander Brown sent me a “thesis” on the debate about mandatory vaccination directive issued by the Government of Ghana.

My slightly edited response to him:

The mandate debate is nonsensical. Even if it’s effective, we don’t know enough to ascertain its medium to long term safety. Therefore making it mandatory is immoral, especially with conflicting recent data.

Those, especially without any underlying medical condition who have had the vaccine (including myself) have taken a risk higher than those who haven’t had it. There’s no evidence that covid kills the healthy more than ordinary flu does.

What no one can dispute is that some have taken an exogenous genetic material called mRNA that’s embedded in an indestructible NANO PARTICLE into their bodies. Hmmm!!

A friend reviewed 30 covid + files last week in his hospital. 8 were children, of the 22 adults, 20 were fully vaccinated (all Pfizer) and only 2 were unvaccinated. That’s very representative of a community that’s 90% vaccinated. What does that mean? Vaccination makes no difference to number of infections.

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All the 30 have no or very mild symptoms. What does that mean? In the young, well and healthy adults, vaccination doesn’t make much difference to clinical outcome.

On a broader scale, Australia’s largest state, New South Wales recorded its highest daily new cases since the pandemic started – 2400. NSW is probably the most vaccinated jurisdiction in the world – 95% fully vaccinated. Even when the vaccination rate was 0%, NSW never got even 2000 new cases a day.

What does that mean? If we’re going to run around like headless chickens because of case numbers, then vaccination isn’t the stopper. If vaccination isn’t the stopper, why must it be mandated? What exactly is the mandatory vaccination expected to achieve? We don’t think, do we? We just follow.

For a country where 32 children die every day (2018 figures, maybe worse now) from malaria to decide to make this covid thing its public health number 1 concern should tell you the depth to which our national consciousness has dipped.

For a continent that owns 94% of all malaria deaths in the world to decide to make this covid delirium its public health banner should tell you that something is very wrong in the head of the African politician.

By the way Cuba of 11 million people has developed its own vaccine, what about 1.3 billion+ Africa?

What about omicron? I’m not interested. Just part of the covid psychosis. I have better things to do.

Tswa omanye aba.

Nii Amu Darko

President, ARM

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