Reasons Why To Try FPV Indoor Videos

As a real estate agent, you need to make yourself valuable so that you can stay ahead of the curve to impress your potential renters and or buyers. Using real estate video tours lets you serve your audience better and to streamline the process of selling homes.

Property tour videos are one of different approaches to showcase a property to a prospective buyer or renter. Over the years, ways to marketing properties have evolved and been refined, with one primary goal – sell or rent the property.

Before we move on further, let’s bring you home to what FPV is, so FPV stands for First Person View, and it is a way of flying drones that create the flying experience similar to that of a bird. FPV drones have evolved to be smaller and smaller, allowing for type of maneuvers previously not possible with conventional drones.

Tour videos however remain a certain and compelling way to meet the demands of people looking to acquire a property, especially in times like these.

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It has been well established over time, that the benefits to having video tours in your arsenal as a real estate agent is very high and puts you in a good position to sealing a deal as well.

  • Real Estate Video Tours helps you stay ahead of the curve.
  • A video is a sharable resource, one you and your audience can easily share with others.
  • With a video, your potential renters and or buyers can readily picture themselves living in the property. When your audience can feel and see themselves already at home, that’s a plus.
  • You do not want to be answering the same questions over and over. A video will answer all the basic questions ahead of time.
  • Moving video helps people get a true assessment of room size, flow and design principles of the home.

Why FPV Indoor Videos

Let’s consider a few reasons why FPV Videos might be a better option for you, as a real estate agent in selling the properties you manage.

Better, all-round tour experience

With FPV videos, people can have a complete end to end experience of a property in the shortest time possible. From outdoor to indoor, through the available spaces then back outdoors, you will showcase your property in all its glory in no time.

Below is an example of such showcase video, of The Oyarifa Mall, in Accra, Ghana.

Walkthrough experience

With a walkthrough experience, your viewers will feel a part of the tour, as if they’re there in person.

From big to small picture

With FPV, you get to show your audience the bigger picture, before going down to the little details.

Compelling Stories

FPV tour videos offers you the opportunity, as a real estate agent, to tell compelling stories through a simplified and short walkthrough experience of your properties.

What do you think of such showcase videos? Will you consider trying this innovative and unique way of property tour videos?

Source: FPV Africa

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