Cyber1Defense gives free training & laptops to remote Ghana areas

Cyber1defense Communication has started a mission to bring free cybersecurity trainings and cyber safety awareness programs to remote villages in Ghana, according to a statement from the firm. 

With a commitment to empowering the youth, the cyber security organisation has also pledged to provide laptops to participants who participate actively in these training sessions. 

“In today’s interconnected world, the digital divide poses a significant challenge, especially for individuals residing in remote areas. Limited access to technology and resources exacerbates the vulnerability of these communities to cyber threats,” said DK Cyber, Cyber1defense’s Cybersecurity Expert, and lead personnel in the program, to in a statement. 

“Recognizing this disparity, Cyber1defense Communication is taking a proactive approach to bridge the digital divide by providing cybersecurity training and awareness programs to remote villages in Ghana.”

DK Cyber’s involvement in this initiative brings credibility and expertise to the training programs. As a renowned cybersecurity expert, DK Cyber’s knowledge and experience will increase the participants’ learning experience.

DK Cyber taking youths through free cybersecurity training / © Cyber1Defense

Cyber1Defense formally inaugurated its presence in Ghana in July. The firm which originally started out in the United States launched its ultramodern office and training space in Accra, Ghana. The firm protects clients’ digital assets, empower trainees and organizations with the necessary cyber security knowledge, and help clients navigate the complex world of cyber threats. 

According to the firm, its instructors are industry experts who possess a deep understanding of the latest threats, trends, and technologies. 

Cyber1defense’s commitment to cybersecurity advocacy is expected to inspire and motivate the youths, encourage them to pursue cybersecurity as a career path and actively engage in advocating for cyber safety in their communities. By providing free training and laptops, the firm is empowering the youth and equipping them with the skills and tools necessary to navigate the digital world securely.  

The initiative not only addresses the immediate need for cybersecurity education but also fosters a culture of cyber safety within communities. Ultimately, the impact of this program is expected to expand to a national level.

However, “Cyber1defense’s mission to provide free cybersecurity training and laptops cannot be achieved single-handedly. Collaboration with local stakeholders, such as government agencies, educational institutions, and community leaders, is crucial to ensure the sustainability and long-term impact of the program,” said DK Cyber. 

“By forging partnerships, Cyber1defense can create a broader network of support and cultivate a cybersecurity ecosystem that extends beyond the training sessions.” 


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