Celebrity Bishop Kofi Adonteng Boateng soul-winning on TikTok while preaching the Gospel

Preaching the gospel to the world is an old practice but Bishop Kofi Adonteng Boateng has found a more interesting way to redefine the act and inspire people in the process while winning souls to Christ. The US-based Bishop Boateng who is originally from Ghana has amassed an exceptional 40k followers online via TikTok after joining the popular social media app barely a year ago.

His zeal to bring more people to the Christian Faith blooms even higher as he says he only joined TikTok because one of his young congregants told him it will be a great way to connect with people online besides his burgeoning Facebook presence.

Bishop Boateng, who currently has his church, Divine Word International Ministries (DWIM), headquartered in Woodbridge, United States strongly believes in reaching out to people, engaging them, and helping them find peace in Christ. Because of this, he came up with the idea of engaging the most active age group online – the youths; and he has been doing so amazingly well, a feat which has earned him a spot as of November 2021 as the most popular Ghanaian preacher on TikTok.

“As far as Ghanaian Bishops are concerned, Bishop Boateng is the most popular religious figure on TikTok. This has been a noticeable peculiarity about him, especially amongst the community of followers he has gathered online and the frequent amount of influencers who freely share/copy his popular quotes, which now have over half a million likes on TikTok, affording him celebrity status there,” said a follower of his DWIM church.

To many who know him personally, they describe him as a kind-hearted figure. He is always looking to remain a worthy public role model to people around him. And would encourage people with every fiber of softness in him to remain humane. To him, humanity is all we have as a people. To prove his steadfastness to this ideology, he did which to many wasn’t a surprising gesture of caregiving recently.

His birthday comes up every July 21, and in this year of 2021, he wanted to celebrate it in a different style by taking a trip to Ghana. He wanted his traveling to Ghana to signify giving back to the vulnerable. But being unable to travel to Ghana from the United States for this purpose as a result of COVID-19 he decided to travel last month in October when the opportunity presented itself. While in Ghana, instead of cutting a big cake or throwing a big party, he gathered up almost 2,000 Ghanaian widows to celebrate them.

During his barely one week stay in Ghana from October 18 – 22 this year he believed many of the widows who are part of “the vulnerable groups in our society sometimes get overlooked in terms of extending love and kindness to people, which is why I decided to put a smile on their faces not through my efforts, but through the blessings from God,” said Bishop Boateng.

He also figured some of them needed comfort and support for staying strong alone, sometimes all by themselves and with no external family support or presence. In his expression about this, he noted that he could only do but little from the many burdens and pressures they face daily. For that, he shared the gifts he brought with him with them. And the joy and excitement in their faces meant one thing for him, that he was truly fulfilling the Gospel he preached — this humbles him…

However, preaching the gospel and helping the vulnerable may be key to him, but also being a brother’s keeper remains another virtue he extols. He expressed this too almost not too long after his return from Ghana when he jumped right back to preaching online and reaching the Ghanaian community in the diaspora as well as the local communities in the US where he has been heavily involved with the projects like his annual recognition of the Northern Virginia Police and first responders Department and annual trips to Israel among other humanitarian and charity deed.

To watch some of this Celebrity Bishop’s video on TikTok check out his account there by visiting and also find him and his DWIM on Facebook at or follow him as @bishop_adonteng on Twitter.

Source: Christopher Sam

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